The Gondwanaland

The Gondwanaland is a dream of an individual to connect his dreams to millions-billions of the dreamers across the world.

I’m somewhere in the deep sea of imagination when it comes to define gondwana.

albert einstein quotes

The Gondwanaland is the world of dreamers. It was hard for me to believe people. Being an introvert, I moved introvert – imagining a universe inside me.

Relation between imagination and reality tells real world builds the face and design of the fake or imaginary world. Can imagination be real?

 Imagination of Gondwanaland

Dear readers, you are kind. Although You come from different backgrounds, comments tell me, you’re the most amazing living being on the planet.

Storytelling is a way to start a conversation. Here, I have blogger friends from different parts of the world. They have their own stories. I hope they can relate to my work. Together, we try to understand each other, learning lots of things, running on the path of life.

So much has been done. Something has to do.


The Gondwanaland is a plateform. It works as a center to start a conversation. I write poems, stories, affirmations, thoughts, articles with love and passion.

Life is about giving back : –

  • Let’s learn & live life,
  • Gain & share knowledge,
  • Be wise & responsible,
  • Be innovative & evolve,
  • Plus, Be The Star.

Thank you.

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