Lokesh Sastya

I am Lokesh Sastya from India’s No. 1 prestigious school community ‘Navodaya Vidyalayas’. I write stories, short stories, poems and articles etc. I enjoy writing. It shows me true path of life.

“ Having dreams, intentions and ambitions don’t matter. What matters is how far you behold them. ”

Lokesh Sastya

Blogging is mostly about feelings and life  experiences people share with each other, of course, there are different types of blog writing. I believe that I can help myself and you guys on various daily life issues through discussing with each other.

Let us come together for better. Be good friends, does not matter your age and your country. Stay cool, calm and relax. Read online worthy content, do not waste your time in useless things. Be aware and up to date.

Smile if you cannot laugh,

smile so you can laugh 🙂

Lokesh Sastya

The Gondwanaland

Stay cool, calm and relaxed.