Purpose in life

Purpose in life

I thought about

job & career, family & friends,

earning more, get famous.

But what is the purpose of my life?

It’s being happy and cool,

being mindful and creative,

Being the voice of millions & billions.

See the picture above –

A little boy carrying a baby buck in his hands. Such a friendly relation with strong bonding. Purpose.

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This poem is a mirror image of purpose. Share your thoughts, so we can learn by exchanging our experiences. I like the comment of Gulf Coast Poet here:

Cheryl commented

Loku, this is a thoughtful post, useful for all of us, especially young people who have their lives ahead of them. You ask the right questions. The answers are individual.

I would say that life is short. Live every moment. Be the person you can respect. Empathize with others. Find what you enjoy doing, and do it to make the world a better place. Do not waste your time on jealousies, confrontations, impressing others, or accumulating excess material things. Satisfaction comes from accomplishments, not possessions. Appreciate what you have and be happy. ❤

Chery Batavia, Gulf Coast Poet

Reblog the post if you like it. I appreciate your genuine support. Thank you.

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