7 Promises To Make To Yourself


Promises build us. If we stay honest to promising people.

Hello guys, I have decided to start the week with a positive approach and the right attitude. To hurry to punctuality. To sadness to happiness. To procrastination to productivity. To a busy to a mauji (happy) blogger.

1. I will keep going on


Swami Vivekananda says, “ Arise, awake and don’t stop until the goal is reached ”. Is he right?

How many of you are tired of blogging? You fear losing your followers. What is steady or fix in blogging? It is you.

Don’t you think you should keep going on instead of thinking too much? Don’t you think consistency comes when your mind starts working? What are your motivation sources? Self-motivation comes from consistency.

I think all of us are important and valuable. The issue is that you close your eyes when you face a challenge and says, “ I’m sad ” or “ I’m depressed”. Keep going on. Movement is a sign of life. Let’s enjoy blogging every day. Increase your participation.

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2. I will be strong


Suppose, You are walking on the road and you have to pass through huge traffic. You start worrying, “ What should I do?” or “ How I can pass this huge traffic, I’m already late?”. It’s ok dude.

Of you are not a hollywood hero. You don’t know how to run your car on the walls of the buildings beside you. You have to be strong like the hulk. You do not need any special medicine for that.

Just believe you are strong. Just believe you are a nice person. Just believe the part of the brain which says you are a hero. And forget the other which says “ You call yourself hero. Still, you are coward ”. Believe that you are a strong blogger. You do not need a certification from me for that.

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3. I’m okay with myself

Be yourself

Some people hate you so much and you hate them. Why don’t you ignore each other for some time? Yes, I realised that you need some time to realise who you are. I’m okay.

You know, our problem is that we don’t find the right place for us. We have schools, hospitals, factories, coffee shops, gift shops and farms etc. All these institutions work in their own way. They have rules and regulations. They celebrate when they succeed to set a big deal. Are you not an institute?

If you are a dissenting writer and trying to improve your work then why you are wasting more time looking for others work? Why don’t try you to write a positive post once for yourself?

I’m okay with myself and I try to communicate with people with respect. Yes, they are valuable. Their single comment makes my day. Give direction to my life. I feel guilty when they try to support me so much and I’m trying nothing.

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4. I allow mistakes


You’ll read, hear and watch this point in various places by various people. Allow yourself to do mistakes but don’t ruin your life, in other I often do mistakes but my goal is to build myself better. I want to be confident and smart.

Take a pen and paper. Not down at least 5 points ( you can add more) on which you, your friends, your parents and your teachers agree about you. In this way, you can find better solutions and clearance about your future.

Give yourself a chance to try. Try to make a sketch, it’s okay you are not a painter. Try to sing a song, it’s okay you are not a singer. Dance, play games, write beautiful hand-writing, participate in social activities. Open yourself enough, do so many mistakes, give your best every time. Congratulations guys! You have learned the art of mistakes.

You know where you fail. You are aware of your weak points. Isn’t it great? At least, you realise who you are and what are the possibilities.

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5. I’ll be patient and courageous


I have problems, challenges and a lot of tasks & wishes to complete. While developing a wish, I questioned myself 100 times. Not because I’m cheap. I really want to complete my wish.

I, maybe a looser but I’m competing honestly with my dreams. My dream was to make people happy, that’s why I am writing this post. I’m patient with my dreams.

Sometimes, I break my limits. I’m courageous. I take risks to defeat the fear inside me. Every time I succeed to achieve a task, my ability to be more courageous increases it’s space.

Instead of confused with so many ideas, I give myself time to settle down the buzz. I’m silent and focused, choose an idea wisely.

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6. I’ll be a smart and good organiser


I don’t like reading unorganised stuff. It is not a matter of choice. When I start reading useless and carelessly written work, my mind says, “ Sorry Lokesh, you are trying to help the person but I can’t read it more”.

On the other hand, stories and poems attract me whether they are organised or not. Because they were written by heart, with love.

Some people write so funnily that I can’t stop, jumping inside their post. Be so much better and lovely that no one can ignore you. There is a way to be funny, if you tell boring jokes just because your niche is a comedy, no one is going to read you. I’m sure, you start hating your work.

The organisation is a part of blogging. Organising your thoughts. Perform the tasks fantastically. Be smart. Be the choice with a voice. If you speak they will hear you.

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7. I’ll be a good manager


Management is important in life. You’ll not always get what you want but you’ll get enough to fulfil their needs.

You see why countries with fewer resources are leading the economy of the world because they know how to use their limited resources, they know how to get more resources.

In my case, Consumption is always more than supply. So, I decided to balance it and one day, I’ll be a big producer and less consumer. I’m talking about a single individual. Here, an agent comes.

I am organising my thoughts, my life and my belongings. Because I care about them and I want to utilise my abilities fully. Management is the basic funda (rule) of life.

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So, let’s keep going on. Be smart and strong. Organise your thoughts to fully utilise them. Stay away from negative thoughts.

Recognise yourself as a blogger. Believe you are a good blogger. Promise to be a good person. Keep trying, learn from your mistakes. Build a management system for your blog. Believe you are not only a promising person but a proud institution. Good luck.

Like my work, comment on your views, share the joy. If you haven’t followed, please follow the Gondwanaland. You can contact me, via email on my about page for any queries. I’ll wait for your message.

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