Hear Your Voice…❤

Your voice

Overwhelming thoughts,

Over the top,

A huge mountain designed of ideas,

representing intentions, ambitions.

Acceptance, reflections,

Flowing like the Ganges river,

Unstoppable, destructive,

Preparing a new fertile land to grow.

They (your weaknesses, not people) try to stop you,

But you feel the movement.

Let’s dive, go deep,

Erase the dark world, be the light.

Do not lose your recognition (human),

Do not lose, your trust, your honesty,

Do not lose your voice vote,

Be the voice.

Hear Your Voice. Do you feel happiness? Joy? Connection? Love? Care? Inspiration? I feel it when I hear my voice.

Isn’t it looks like a girl is writing these words? (Hear your Voice seems like written for females only) Or You may say, What rubbish you’re talking about? Don’t we hear our voice every day? Well, I have a mouth that speaks fluently.

Hear your voice is something I want to share with you guys. Also with the people who are struggling to raise their voice. I write a post when I feel a strong urge to write. My thoughts struggle with me coming out.

As an individual, I have a message for the world. Such messages generally appear when I got very much impressed by a person or a movie or an idea.

I feel like I have entered heaven. No worries, fears, limits. This is one of the strongest version of my soul. At that moment, if you ask me something, I’ll reply to you truthfully, with full honesty, trying to help you in the best way I can. I have to sustain this feeling to design and empower my character.

I have a formula here:

Hear your voice = True call

I have found a blog by a female blogger. She is raising her voice, as you can see her blog name —

I have found my voice.

Share or reblog the post if you like. I just want to say a soulful heartwarming thank you to you.😊

The Gondwanaland : hear your voice
I want to hear my voice.
©2021, The Gondwanaland. All Rights Reserved.


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