The Flying Blogger

The Flying Blogger

He rises every morning
to wake up the beautiful people,
hearts full of love, he has.

He runs his think-tank mind
in the fathomless-wide universe,
searching for,
a drop of water,
a sign of life.

He has a vision of joy,
strong desires,
creamy dreams,
unstoppable questions
and the world of imagination.

Will to speak,
give birth to live words.
Sufferings, sadness and heartbreaks,
builds him strong and mature.

We are the flying bloggers,
Struggling in our lives.
still, we inspire each other,
We celebrate
our achievements,
our commitments.

The flying blogger
flies in the world of blogs.
He meets new bloggers & flies away forever,
behind the blue dark clouds*.

Dark clouds* are sign of rain.

The flying Blogger is determined to walk on the path he/she set for himself/herself.

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©2021, the Gondwanaland. All rights reserved.


  1. The most beautiful description for bloggers.❤️
    “He runs his think-tank mind
    in the fathomless-wide universe”- beautifully written and realistic.
    (Will definitely gonna use this)❤️

    1. As a blogger we wake up every day. Literally, we do not have much to say. We feel depressed many times. But we inspire ourselves, we use self motivation to inspire our readers.

      I think blogging is not just writing and publishing posts effortless, our every effort should inspire our readers. That means, you have to find new ways, you have to be creative. Overall, blogging is like flying with our thoughts, ideas and dreams. We’re the flying bloggers.

      Thank you so much for participating in the discussion. Welcome to The Gondwanaland, Ibtisam. 🤗💐💐

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