Be The Star

Remove your scars,

Be the star.

Drive your life car,

Be the star.

End the violence, end the war,

Be the star.

Be superb, as you are,

Be the star.

You know, the reason to feel guilty in your whole life is that you never tried to achieve your dreams. You never recognised your abilities. You never recognised your potential. So, let’s put your thoughts in action. Be the star.

Be the star
💫 Keep shining 💫
©2021, The Gondwanaland. All Rights Reserved.


      1. It’s night here. Whole day, I worked on different ideas. Complete or incomplete stuff.

        Be the star is just happened. I’m happy for the reader’s response.😊

    1. Hello Srikanth, I have read your work. It’s amazing, powerful, meaningful and written in a disciplined manner with constructive approach. You’re more than a normal poet. Why are you not writing new poems?

      About my poetry, I write simple poems. My language skills are not strong. I do general grammatical mistakes. With my limited knowledge and skills, I focus on delivering the message in simple words.

  1. Simple and absolutely powerful one 💪!!
    And the last concluding lines are so very true !
    Felt great reading it Lokesh!
    Be the star always✨

    Stay happy, and keep shining

    1. I felt it in the school Vani. When I wanted to participate in sports and other co curricular activities activities but I haven’t participated. I hesitated. I never felt fear to lose or people make fun of me.

      But now, I’m open and cool. I’m enjoying every moment of my life. And as you said, we’re shining like a star. 💪

  2. Amazing poem with a very important message that should be read by everyone. Be the star. Don’t let some hard situations in life undermine your shine, be the 🌟!

  3. Just sometime ago, someone questioned here on wordpress “what would you do if you are no longer afraid” and this poem seems like an apt answer to that! Very beautiful and I love the image used 💫⭐🌟

  4. I read a question on one of the blogs saying “what would you do if you were no longer afraid” and this seems like an answer to that in the best form. I love the image used by you, its a very pretty!!

  5. You are one of the Star 🌟 among bloggers in this site Lokesh…You have being bold , Nice young writer…
    You know Lokesh ??obviously I didn’t think to write my blog to more writing content but when ever I see your blogging I have been interesting to reply your writing 🤩🤩👌

    1. Thank you for your trust in me, Siva.
      I’m here to inspire you.(my purpose)

      Blogging gives us space to talk and communicate. I think, that’s the brilliant opportunity to raise your voice. Blogging is a science and art. Understand the basic science( visit art of blogging web) and use your art (recognise your art and abilities) to give direction to your blogging.

      With starting a conversation, my content flows in the direction of meaning, purpose, growth and inspiration. It’s an art. I’m not stop loving the people, myself and the beautiful nature. They are my source of inspiration.

      Believe yourself. Be hungry to speak. Keep shining as a star.🌟💫

      1. I haven’t done any blogging course. I did an internship for 2-3 months last year, which helped me a lot. In case, you want to do it too, you’ll find many on “Internhala” as per your choices! I’d highly recommend you. It has helped me a lot & will help you too. During that internship, I learnt about SEO a little bit.

  6. I am completely new to this blog and I just love the poem and the whole message around it. Great job!

    1. You are welcome friend.🤗💐💐

      Hi, my name is Loku. Like you, I love reading and writing stories.✍🏻

      You have good potential.
      Keep shining.🌟💫

    1. Be The Star is a simple poem encouraging an individual to “be the light” to shine as a star.

      Quite different from noisy social media culture, I belive that anyone can Be The Star, if he/she started removing his/her scar. It’s a desire to Be The Star.

      1. My day is going, as it goes. Yes, it is going, I have no control over it ( no control in the past too). Things happening with me.

        I tried to participate, to react with the people, things and circumstances I have. And I failed.

        I failed to participate in a fair competition. I failed to recognise “What matters to me?”. Isn’t I’m living a “ir-relevant” life. No, one told me my qualities.

        I moved one step ahead, trying to fulfilling their expectations and imagining/designing dreams for me. Yes, I want to dream “dreams that come true”.

        My present situation: What I’m doing?

        Every day I wake up. I write my thoughts and ideas in the white clean paper of my notebook. I want to craft an art, draw some designs, prepare 3d models, solve problems of the world and make my life easier. Of course, I fail to make them happen. Still, I try.

        I love my work. I’m curious, passionate, dedicated and almost mad about my work. I fear to lose my hope one day. I don’t want to face that depressed, frustrated and angry person inside me. I think he is more bold and strong. But I think “uncontrolled and one sided thoughts should never be appreciated”.

        Let’s hope for better. I want a small-cute-simple-peaceful life. ❤️

    1. 😂😂 Thank you Moksha for asking.

      I remember your post in which you have shared your journey of weightloss with “pictures”. So, I’m recalling your pictures. It’s really tough (to weightloss).

      Here, in the blogging world, when I see my blog. I can not define it. It has no name, purpose, design and function. Its just going in the unknown direction.

      See, here on my blog
      1. I’m starting a conversation
      2. I’m learning more,
      3. Acquiring new skills,
      4. Becoming more creative and productive
      5. Gaining potential,
      6. Living some amazing friendly relationship (I want people who hear me, irrespective of my weaknesses, my fears)

      Writing has a bigger purpose for me. If I write daily, I’ll improve drastically in the long journey. But some points stopped me for daily publishing a new posts, they are :
      1. I’m using wordpress Android app which has very limited storage. I have to clean my phone space daily. Because of this I think twice before publishing a post.

      2. You can’t visit your followers smoothly in the wp android app. Because of slow net connection, you feel angry and frustrated because you’re unable to read the brilliant posts. You won’t believe, in the beginning, I was spending my every second on wp.

      3. Daily, reading so many posts in impossible, especially when your eyes start hurting, your thumb becomes numb. (At the moment, you just wanted to throw your phone away from yourself.)

      4. My studies got disttrbed. I got failed to follow the promises I’ve told myself. I really love reading, learning, speaking and writing. I’m feeling very guilty Moksha.😭

      So many things, as you can see. My papa is also sick, each of us trying our best to feel him comfortable and get cured.

      Moksha, I have no professional experience in any field. I accept my responsibilities. I don’t want to be fully dependent on my parents. I love them. They want to see me standing on my own feet.

      Ek chij mujhe lagti hai ki jab tak aap khud se kuchh nahi kar lete, tab tak aap jivan ka pehla sabak nahi sikh jate. (In short, Do right, for the first time, yourself.)

      I’m a simple and cool person, and I’m very talkative too. So, you can always find me on different plateforms, sharing my thoughts/views/stories. My friends call me “ pakau insaan” because “ main hamesha lambi lambi fekta hoon ” (Generally, WHAT IF questions).

      Blogging is a cool job. It’s like writing a beautiful diary for yourself. So when you see it back after some time, you’ll feel too happy.😊

      Blogging has so much with myself.
      I have so much to do with blogging. ( Too much, like creating your own world).

      I’m preparing on some ideas. My draft numbers in increasing day by day. Blogging is becoming more interesting, especially bloggers introduces you “ SEO”. It takes time to understand it. I just want to rank my blog site on the first rank of google search results. (This is impossible for free wordpress blog.)

      Well, learning matters.
      I’m curious to do some experiments with SEO. I’m thinking about my blog. I haven’t developed it’s concept yet.

      😊 Happy blogging 😊

      1. Blogging is great but studying is definitely more important at your age!
        I hope your dad feels better soon!!
        I get that you want to be financially independent – it’s a great feeling. You are so young – you can’t have professional experience already. Since you enjoy writing – there are a lot of websites that offer paid writing jobs (not a lot of money but still) and there are a lot of people looking for content writers – you could maybe try for those?
        Be safe and looking forward to reading more of your posts soon. 👍

    1. I’m fine friend. Thank you for asking.

      Nowadays, I’m working on a some important things which will increase value of our friendship.

      I can help you better,
      1. in the terms of relevance, use and quality of my content,
      2. and also valuing your hard work on your blog.

      Since the day I started blogging, it hugely affected my life. Positively or negatively. Writing is my hobby, so there is no reason to stop writing content on my blog. However, I feel lucky to realise the negative outcomes of Blogging.

      I used to active almost 20 hours on my blog, causing damage to my eyes, manipulating my mind. If selection process work, I would like to unfollow some blogs (it is hard though). I like flexible schedule.

      For now, I can’t promise you to give the best content on internet, but it’ll be more than a usual stuff. Meaning, Quality, usefulness and inspiration will be the key points.

      “ I don’t know friend why I’m writing blogs. I hope I can find my reason as soon as possible. ”

      For now, I have 2 reasons :
      1. I like to share my thoughts and (unrealistic) ideas.
      2. Each and every comment on my blog post is invaluable.

      I hope you are doing well. I wish good luck to you. Keep going on. 👍

      Keep visiting. I’m always here.

    1. Be The Star is a simple poem, focused on its moral “ Be The Star”. The poem encourages one to not only work hard to achieve his/her dreams but also shine like a star. So that more people can get inspiration from him/her.

      So, yeah! Be The Star💫 my friend.🥰🥰

    1. With our lot of hard work and efforts, we are shining like a star.✳️

      You may find so many blogs here. Some of them have original quality writing. I wanted to build such a blog.

      Be the 💫.

      1. Yess, and it is so exciting, our jobs is to share our work with the world so we can appreciate each other through beautiful means🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟

    1. Sorry friend… I’m taking a little break, posting less (as you can see only 2 post this month).

      I try to meet the people and give them my valuable feedback. I’m following 500+ blogs. So, my reader section changes timely. I reply the blogs which I can see there.

      Please focus on your unique quality content. If you do so, you’ll never lose your readers. Thank you.

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