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Every day, I wake up in the morning, thinking about what to write today. I may have some ideas or not.

I visit, pixabay and unsplash to check a beautiful image, I can use in my coming post. I always try to give my best. Your response tells me I succeed or not. Half understood, half mystery.

500 wordpress followers
Isn’t it like a dream comes true?

Focus Is Blogging

Blogging is a way to share your thoughts, you try to find something interesting, something unique. You work on your presentation, informing source of information. It is responsibility of a blogger to present his or her work in a clear and arranged manner. Your presentation should be attractive. It attracts readers to your blog.

Do you know basics of blogging? Let’s learn how to write a blog post. Doing experiments with the blog motivates me. A kind of fun I want to share with you all.

receive positive feedback

Feedback and sharing. I love to replying comments. They are the best way to check your progress. I appreciate constructive critics too. Please be genuine.

Creating a blog at is easy. But it’s hard to run it. I doubt sharing. Sharing link of the post to social media is okay. However, you should be aware while using someone’s content in your blog post.

The reader-writer relation is the soul of my blogging purpose. I write for you.

We connect to enjoy the process of blogging. I’m trying to recognise myself and my abilities. Sharing love and sentiments matters to me. Your encouragement drives me.

Keep going on silently, fully focused on your goal. Troubles and distractions check your belief. And I love my dreams too much.

Readers are wise. I’m not going to tell everyone every time that you have to do such a thing, like this.

Choosing A Blog Name

Apart from other blogging ideas, The Gondwanaland has a major significance.

How To Choose A Niche

  1. Sufficient knowledge. You should know the basics of the niche industry you want to choose. When people inquire, you can discuss, explain and FULFILL their demands.
    • Check what people search online.
    • Is there any scope to plan and prepare early?
  2. Audience. Suppose you can talk about a topic for hours but there is no audience. Have you come through blogs which no one reads? Also,o you prefer to specifically choose friends for yourself. I recommend researching the right audience for your blog.
  3. Growth. Make sure you haven’t chosen a tiny niche. There should be options to grow. Some niches are popular in blogging industry for decades. To help you here is a post.
  4. Passion. Bloggers changes their niche rapidly because of confusion. Some lose their interest in blogging. It happens all the time. Give yourself time. BE PASSIONATE.

I imagine The Gondwanaland as a fictional world. It provides me space to share my personal stories with the readers. The name gives me positive feel.

Categories: The Topics I Blog About

I hope you understood our blogging purpose and concept.

A Worthy Friendship

After joining WordPress, I opened up myself. Learnt to communicate with fellow bloggers. Setting realistic approach towards life. I share positivity and inspiration.

No age, no religion, no country matters if our purposes and intentions are right.

Your support is appreciated.

Blogging To Spread Awareness

Let’s develop strong thoughts. Differentiate real and fake. Let’s set faith in the truth. Enjoy life. Storytelling can be a great way to start a conversation (Or to get 500 followers).

Realising our importance can help us what & how we can give back to the world. Choose your niche to blog effectively. Stop overthinking and develop an open environment to share your thoughts. Genuinely meaningful.

Awareness builds us strong.

Schedule For Coming Posts

  1. One post a day is the universal rule of The Gondwanaland. I’m active and productive.
  2. What and when I’ll post?
    • Monday I’ll share something positive
    • Tuesday and Wednesday I’ll discuss and idea in two parts. First I’ll introduce the topic and the second part will be based on its implementation.
    • Thursday, I’ll discuss any current issue or problem in the blogging world. We should be aware of what is happening around us. For example, I have written a post on self-motivation because I needed it and it can help others too.
    • Friday l will share a poem. One poem a week.
    • Saturday I’ll share the 7 best blogs I have read in the whole week. I’ll promote an individual blog also.
    • Sunday there will be a special story.
  3. Presentation, quality and word lines are my focus points. I wish I could develop my way of writing and improve it slowly.
  4. When I’ll change the schedule with the time which I’ll inform you.
  5. It is just starting so building my blog will be my main focus. I have to find my ideal readers because I am focusing on more engagement per post instead of writing so many posts.

Thank you so much for 500 followers. Welcome to The Gondwanaland.

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  1. quite a patiently written post. for someone as young as you this is a tremendous feat. kudos to you. will follow you as and when possible and cheer you on. all the best for a journey of success and fruitfulness for all your hard work.

    1. You understand me and my feelings Sophia. You’re kind and humble.

      Today, I spent my whole day, asking myself— What is The Gondwanaland? It was not easy to answer the question, I’m trying to get a straight and clear answer.

      It shows my determination to give my best quality content to my readers who care about reading. Publishing unlimited posts without realising their purpose and use does not matches my interest. I love, enjoy, care and support the art of writing. I’m interested in designing a worthy blog. Anything which decreases it’s beauty, I’ll try to improve it.

      Yesterday, I got a point where the answer of my question (What is The Gondwanaland?) lies. I’ll write a full detailed post on it. I realised it’s my blog so it is about me and the inspirational values I want to share with the people/my readers.

      I strongly believe in ❤️God. It resides in the hearts of humans. Namaste 🙏.

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