Dreams To Destination

Dreams are alive.

Dreams are functioning.

You can’t just stay on

a single point,

holding your dreams.

You have to move

on the path,

your heart shows to your eyes.

Dreaming is a way to design

your life.

Dreams are the roadmap to reach

the treasure.

Life is a journey,

Dreams to destination.

©2021, The Gondwanaland. All Rights Reserved.


    1. I have added this line remembering Paulo Coelho. Mysteries or secrets or treasure always excite us. Understanding of our dreams is also important.

      Thank you so much Vani.🤗❤️

      1. I’m okay Kinge. I have also taken a break. Whole time I was searching more about blogging, especially professionalism in blogging. It’s helpful, now I have a wider approach with blogging.

        I love writing. And sometimes, I do not need any reason to write. Because writing itself is an interesting process.

      2. Very good for you for the search, and growth in your blogging. I also learnt that quality blogging needs some work.

        I agree, writing is interesting. It’s a great avenue for growth, expression and so much more.

      3. I can present myself in the best way through writing. I mean writing has a wide world and you can do so many experiments with your writing.

        Then it comes to building a fictional character, someone who represents you and your thoughts in the way you see yourself. We can start a long journey with such a character.

    1. Dreams inspire you to set a purpose of your life and ideas helps to achieve your dreams. This is a long journey. Within journey, we develop our character, our behaviour.

      1. I’ll be honest with my dreams. It’ll never be an easy path.

        Sometimes I fear that my dreams are just nightmares and people will laugh on me when I would have nothing to give them from myself. Because I wasted my time in achieving my dreams.

        I wish to see happy world. That’s my dream. Do you think it is possible to make a happy world?

      2. You asked a tough question Lokesh. Here I can’t be objective. You want to see world happy.its nice of you.
        But think can u make everyone happy at same time?
        If you imagine a world where everyone just happy. Only happiness means there is no sorrow,no pain is it possible?
        You are assuming a world like a coin which have only head.is it possible?
        Don’t get me wrong.
        First thing believe in yourself self. You can do what you want . You can bring happiness in someone’s life .you can make someone’s life better.
        Just do what makes you happy and is also good for other human beings.
        And yess nothing is impossible.
        And one last thing if you think your dream is worthy then it is not a waste of time to accomplish it.
        First do for yourself then you can contribute for others also.

      3. You’re right Anurag.

        No, I don’t see a completely happy world. But it is neither less than it.

        When you wanted to make a happy world, you come to know that people demand basic needs. So, if you provide a chocolate to a child, he or she will give you a huge smile. And if you buy a dress for them they’re gonna life long remeber you.

        I have seen that most of the problems or issues of a person exists because of another person. Humans are reason for unhappiness of other human.

        When I say, “ I want to see a happy world ”, it means that I’ll play my role well and encourage more people to be happy. So it’s a mission for everyone to everyone.

        There are so many issues hidden behind the word happy. Many leaders and groups are doing this noble work. They inspire me.

      4. Yess right by doing such acts we can bring happiness in someone’s life . Your have good thoughts. Just keep faith in yourself and keep going. You will do great .

  1. Very nice shoe 👟 video ..it looks different view with graphics…The dreams some times can” t imagine…mean sweet dreams or horror dreams …ofcourse hope everyone gets sweet dreams…
    If we get horror dreams then wht would we expect? Keep going on lokes?

    1. The dreams, I have are encourages my curiosity to understand them, take action to achieve them. Set a goal or a destination for your dreams and negative thoughts stops coming in your mind.

      I think, dreaming is a way to design a happy life when everything seems negative and you’re feeling helpless.

      Thank you Siva.😊👍🌄

    1. Let’s see, in our long blogging journey, how we will achieve our dreams.

      It’s my pleasure to have dreamers with me. I wish to see people achieving their dreams. I hope we will together make a happy world. At least, happy blogging world.😊


  2. Dreams give you vision, hope and help you design the right path for your future. Dreams are the perfect escape from earth to a life full of possibilities. Absolutely beautiful write up!!

    1. I’m very happy to meet you. You are a strong dreamer. Your thoughts are beautiful. My best wishes to you thesupermode.

      Thank you so much. You made my day.😊💪💡🌎🎉🎉

    1. Thank you Anita.💖

      You have travelled all over the world. How your desires and dreams changed along your journey? What do you think about the life of common people?

      1. Seeing places and people are my favorite. Seeing things online are nothing like when you have feet on the ground . However in poor areas people and children live in a happy way .

    1. Ha…ha…ha…, I inquired my friends what they think of their dreams? How they gonna achive their dreams?

      Having ambitions is not bad. But as you know Ritish, action speaks louder than words.

      Dreaming keeps us alive. We are the dreamers. We’re the dreamers who care about their dreams. So we’re taking actions. I feel lucky to have dreamers with me.😊

      1. Absolutely Lokesh
        As Stephen Hawking said, “However bad life may seem, there is always something you can do and succeed at. While there is life there is hope.”

        We all are a lone wolf, but we won’t be a lone wolf forever.

      2. I’m happy for us ( everyone). The work we’re doing is valuable.

        I especially like the way you present your blogs. You’re improving, it shows your ambitions to stay and shine in the blogging world.

      3. Yes, while there is a life there is a hope.

        This line realise me of the reason why I started blogging. I want to tell my story. I want to hear my words.

        I see reflection of my words in the people around me. It means, they agree with me at certain points. It makes me happy and responsible.😃

  3. “Dreams to destination” That’s right. I have many dreams and aspirations too. It is good to dreams but it’s gotta have a headway, not just stuck up somewhere.

    Lovely post, Loku😊📝

    1. Right, you can’t stay on a single point, holding your dreams.

      When we take actions to achieve our desires and dreams, our understanding increases, we meet new people, learn new skills. For example, I met you.

      You’re amazing. Looking happy, everytime I talk to you. Thank you so much Tega.😁👍🌎✍🏻💪

      1. The day I started fearing impact of the COVID-19, I started relating my dreams and life-goals to the majority of the people. Afterall we want a peaceful and happy world.😃🌎🌄

      1. I’m following more than 600 blogs. It’s really hard to read all of them. In fact, I’m missing my favourite bloggers. So, it’ll be a bad decision to follow a blog without reason.

        I’m sure soon you’ll get some nice people who like your work. Go, talk to them. Lot’s of love from Loku.🤗❤️

  4. DREAM is not what you see in sleep, DREAM is something which doesn’t let you sleep. – Dr. A.P.J Abdul Kalam
    Dreams do turn real!✨ Keep going!

    1. Dreaming is worthy. Dreaming, imagination or visualisation (in the night, generally) help us to understand a topic with a wide approach and deep meaning.

      Some dreams come naturally, they entertain and satisfies us. For example, imagining a movie which you have watched a day before. I think this is the most interesting point where we try to use full potential of our thinking ability.

      We dream, our desires grow.

      Big dreams have a propose or a mission. According to us, these are the dream which must come true in the real world. Maybe we want to share our dreams with the people. So they understand it, get benefits from it.

      Do I know such dreamers? Malala Yousafzai. She started from the scratch. Quite different from common girls ( correction: being a part of common girls), she understood the need and importance of education in her area (& later, in the country, plus all over the world). Her father encouraged her to raise her voice. He struggled for years to start the “ Khushal School ”.

      Malala covered a long journey when you and me were studying in the school. Now, she is trying to collect and build more potential to promote girls education, especially in the rural areas.

      It’s never easy to carry our dreams. We don’t know have enough knowledge, understanding, resources to achieve our dreams.

      But there is way to move forward in one direction. Dreaming has two parts:
      1. First part, the real existence or design( shape & size, recognition) of the dream. “To be real” , you have to learn/understand/use the reality.
      2. Dreaming is the second part. It is more interesting. It is strongly connected with the first part. In fact, they work together. Dreaming is the basic rule of life. It makes you alive.

      Conclusion: Keep dreaming. Try to find ways, gain potential, to achieve (or create or build or design) your dreams. Learn from others. Brainstorm your mind. Do research, research and research. Do practice, practice and practice. You can also try new experiments. That’s a way. Good luck 👍.

      1. Sure! I’d love to read them. Also, I’d recommend you to read “Real Success” by “Patrick Mather-Pike”
        You’ll get a more clear vision. I read it very often!

      1. Use tag : gwl7

        It’s “7 best blogs of the week” contest which I’m planning to start. While launching this wonderful initiative, I got sick, and I have postpone the date. Check it here:

        I would be very happy to promote creative bloggers with quality content. Good luck. 👍

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