Our Dreams

I’m waiting for the day

when we together celebrate

our achievements.

I wish to see the day

when our dreams

come true.

I want to sing with you,

I want to dance with you.

I accept you as you’re.

I know you’re the sweetest.

Our dreams are similar,

Our life-goals are same.

How amazing it’ll be…

If 2-3 people stand with you saying,

“ We’ll help you to achieve your dreams ”.

We wish to see happy world around us,

We’ll create/build/design/recognise/realise this.

Our dreams, desires, wants and will are special to us. I think, with a little variation, our dreams are almost the same. We should support and motivate each other to achieve our dreams.

Different people play different roles in your success.

©2021, The Gondwanaland. All Rights Reserved.


    1. This poem is about dreams.

      I’m not a lover.( I don’t know why I feel this word insulting.) The love I discuss is little different. It is more about friendship.

      1. Okay Lokesh,
        Why I feel this word insulting mean??
        Anyhow you have nice way of talking …
        Friendship, Relationship, Love meanings are different … u did” t mention this is wht kind of Love u said I mean sister, brother, friend, mother?

      2. I talk with the person directly.

        If you want to share your pain,
        – I’ll hear you.

        If you need a bhai
        -I’m ready to be your bro.

        If you remember your son
        – well I’ll be your son’s friend ( if we have same age).

        – If you are a learner,
        I’m always curious to learn from you.

        These are just example. And it’s not my bussiness service. I encourage people because they want to be better. They are working hard on their blogs.

        Friendship is the best relation of the world, I always say. You’ve to open yourself for others. We’re sharing our thoughts. Learning from each other. It is nice place. And I feel lucky that someone wants to hear me.

      3. No..no..no. Teachers first.
        I love my teachers like my parents. As you know in Navodaya school, our teachers handle us. They play different roles. They are our house masters/mistress, class teachers, coach, guide, friend, co-learner and parent.

  1. Oh, my dear friend, Loku, I just have to laugh at some of the comments!
    On a more serious note, I take it, that you have finished your exams and you are happy, since the invitation to dance. Decent people all over the world do share the same aims of peace, good health, and happiness, that is true, but you always had higher ambitions; to lead, influence and to change things for the better, at least around you, even if not globally, as this would be an unrealistic dream.
    “Dreams are illustrations from the book your soul is writing about you.”
    Welcome back!


    1. Hello Joanna, How are you?

      My exams are going to start. I’m doing online classes. That’s the reason why I took a break from blogging. To balance my studies and blogging, I have to redefine my mission for blogging. I’m focused on my writing skills and presentation.

      Good health should be always our priority. As you know number of COVID-19 cases are increasing rapidly in India. Common cold and fever also affecting people. Healthy body, healthy mind.

      Dreams are always there. There are so many youngsters here who are pursuing their education in schools and education. They are working hard on their blogs, it shows they’re more than a common boy or a girl.

      Our dreams are similar at some level. We agree to establish a peaceful and happy world. This poem says the same. I’m happy with living my life with so many dreamers.

      It’s always a matter of pride to talk to you. Because you show me a path, a way, to move forward. Stay happy and take care.

      Namaste 🙏

  2. I like how you recognise that different people play different parts in the successes in life, every individual can teach a lesson, some bad and some good but it can all lead to the succeeding your personal dreams. Stay positive and take care. Hope you are ok Loku

    1. Our dreams is about common goals we share with each other. Fulfilling our basic needs is our priority. We want a cute life with our family in a beautiful house.

      Today’s world is going through so many things, we want peace.

      We should support good work of people around us because afterall we want the same. This poem cary this simple message. It’s an understanding.

      1. I think with the challenging of today peoples dreams may have changed as peoples perception is less about want and more about need and the need to fulfil our basic needs, the problem is sometimes people act upon those dreams without thinking of the bigger picture.

        I agree, we want peace.

        Also yes we should support those around us. Also supporting others to express and feel comfortable to expose their good and bad times can support individuals to achieve dreams.

      2. Your feedback is valuable. Now, I’m asking myself again, “ Why I’m doing all this? Why I have desires and dreams? ”

        With the possibilities, I could believe in, I would say, “ I want the people who hear me and I’m gonna tell them long and never-ending stories”.

        Stories end. But the characters, learnings, morals and values, incidents and changes in our mindset live forever.

      3. Everyone has dreams and desires, thats one thing that keep us motivated through life, hoping that one day things will get better.

        That sounds absolutely wonderful and that is an incredibly kind and generous goal for you to have, good luck.

        I believe that the right story has a potential to live on and there may be many possible story endings which create imagination and curiosity in the readers. We grow as people which mean we are always changing, learning and developing. Our morals and values can be impacted by the choices we make in life and those who surround us.

    1. Wow! You’re welcome Hdavey🤗.

      How can you helpe? Ummm, let me think…Just do your work sincerely. That’s enough. And we can share our thoughts to each other on our blogs.

    1. Wow! It’ll be amazing na when we will be sharing our thoughts and ideas to a larger audience, playing the role of a change maker in the world.

      But to do that we have to be more patient, sincere, open and strong. We have to develop a manner to communicate so many people, telling them how we can help them.

      Our dreams is about shared goals. I see groups of poets and other blogs. They have a good audience and they’re working well.

      1. This pandemic is testing us. I found I’m not playing my part well. I have to learn a lot to use it wisely. I repeat these words to myself—

        If you want to go long,
        You have to be strong.

      2. Learning has life time opportunities, you are doing at your best being in your 20s Loku, yes your words are real be strong n keep going long along with your goals. Good Luck! 🥰👍

    1. I hope everyone can understand the power of togetherness. It’s important to recognise our individual existence, standing on our own feet, but you can’t change the world without the full passionate support of the people.

      I wish to build a community of bloggers who are really passionate about blogging, having the urge to make the internet a better (happy) place with significant representation. Thank you. 🙂

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