Should I love you ?

I don’t know you,

should I love?

You come here,

and go away,

should I love you?

You haven’t spoken,

a single word to me,

why our communication is so weak?

I don’t know you, still…

should I love you?

I don’t know the language you speak,

maybe I belong to your haters,

should I love you?

Is my one like on your post enough?

So, I do not need to do anything else?

Should I love you?

Do you want to loved by me?

Do you want to hear me?

I don’t know our future,

Time is the biggest ‘creature’.

That ‘creature’ asks, “ Do you love me? ”

“ Should I love you ?”, I replied.

“ Journeys are long,

and your life is short.

If you want to go long,

you have to be strong.

Still, if you do not know me,

you should love me ”, the ‘creature’ suggested.

Now, my mind remained silent

and my heart burst out—

I love you.

Lokesh Sastya

“ Should I love you? ” is based on the relationship of a blogger to another blogger. I have written this poem at the very beginning. I’m sharing it because of its relevance.

©️2021 The Gondwanaland. All Rights Reserved.


  1. Are you ready to come with me in the long journey ? I hope you’ll love my work. Regards.

    1. I’m on the way. Nowadays, I’m enjoying blog writing and meeting people passionate about there work.
      What about you ?

    1. ❤️Why should I not love you, I love nature more than man. My blog will have certain features which yours has.
      I am reading your work…

  2. Now, Loku, I thought ( I have near photographic memory), that you are 17 and attending a private school in New Delhi(?), today, you are talking about close to graduating from university, how old you really are? Perhaps, you are ready to read Eleven Minutes, after all…

    I am delighted that you have looked up the sacred River Ganga post, and that it contens pleased you!
    Thank you for your generous comments, I have to go and reply to them. Thank you.!


  3. Goodness, Loku, I am very pleased and impressed with your going deep into the blog. You have reminded me that I must update the blog’s details, it must be now many more countries and readers too, thank you.
    This one is a very interesting post because of the number of places named after him.
    Did you like the hauling monkeys?

  4. It looks, Loku, judging by my constant visits as if I was your greatest admire! Don’t panic!
    Only joking. Thank you for steadily reading my posts, greatly appreciated. But they are full of fascinating facts, as Jacqui, my American follower wrote today in her blog, and of course, I like
    being of some use and service.
    Thank you.


      1. My blog name is ‘Mildredprincewelch* and that is my mothers name that Iuseto honor her, but Iam a man, and my name is *Van Prince*

        *Poetry’s Motto worldwide, by Van Prince, is:

        Has Its Own Country.” _-Van Prince

  5. I would like, if I may, to suggest a practical solution. If you divide my post into 2 or 3 parts and read
    every day one only, it would be easier to digest its contents. My posts are designed to be read to the very end, and the story unfolds in a specific way, so not seeing some parts would mean missing the intended meaning of the post.
    Thank you.


  6. 1 should only love when another love you
    *&* when others profess to love you,
    you should return their love
    when distilled to its essence their love is proven to be pure, sure, and true!!!

  7. This is beautiful! Such simple words but presenting such a priceless piece. Who knows.. give it a chance see what comes up Lokesh 👀

    I loved the lines
    “Journeys are long
    And your life is short
    If you want to go long,
    You have to be strong”

      1. I think it depends on how you show your love. With some bloggers you end up becoming for connected and become friends – with them you can show your adoration however you like but with others with whom you have a more professional relationship – you appreciate their work in formal ways.

  8. Such beautiful words! I must appreciate the way you have delinated your thoughts.
    Hey! I have recently started blogging on positivity, so it will mean world to me if you sometime visit my blog and shower some love!
    Have a great day!❤

    1. Do you know friend? I’ve written this poem in the first week of my blogging.

      I wanted to know why people are not reading my posts? or how a blogger should behave to another blogger?

      (Fact: When you write a post on love, you’ll get good response. It is far better than writing a long boring post.)

      1. Its definately a beautiful poem and yes there bloggers out there that dont read posts, but yiu shhouldnt fault them, instead just keep pushing through your amazing work, those that were meant to see it will and those that arent meant to see it wont. I am a firm believer in respecting everyones journey and those that dont take the time to read are the one that are losing, not the eriter. It doesnt change the value of your work.

        Love is definately a preferred read in my world too.. I love joy and peace and happy endings… But life is not only about that, so its important to take time to umderstand the doom and gloom too so you can have a clearer perspective. 🌸😊

      2. Your words increased my excitement to write a love story which I was ignoring for so long.

        Well I’m not promising you. But I’ll try to write one.

      3. Dont ever ignore whats in your heart… If its a love story that must come out then you must let it come out… Yay I’m excited for you 😀

    1. You’re right my friend. Sometimes we need just a support. Surround yourself with good bloggers and you’ll never feel alone.😊💐💐

      (An invitation to travel among bloggers … the like is sometimes not enough.)

      1. I want help in writing skills and many more,list longs.few things I can’t share here due to my privacy bro. That’s why I shared my telegram I’d. Please contact me. I would be very happy to connect with you.

      2. How can I help you in writing? Everyone has his/her own way. You can visit my or other blogger’s posts to understand writing and presentation.

        If you have a question you can always ask me here. If it is private and important, you can visit my contact page. Send me an email.

        Sorry…I can’t share my other information here. Because I’ve stopped using other social media. Thank you Ritik.

    1. So I have written this post in the beginning of my blogging. I wanted to know why people are not reading my work.
      I do not force anyone to read my work. Everyone is free to work in his/her own way. Thank you.😊

      1. Aww..I’m sorry!! I took it the wrong way. I thought it was about a friendship/relationship. Although I wanted to post a hopeful reply, I realised my comment might have sounded rude. That wasn’t my intention. You write really well!!! You are on the right path!

      2. I’m sorry again if my reply felt rude, it wasn’t my intention. Your work is amazing!! I really didn’t know it was about your blog. Take care, keep writing!

    1. Yes, we need the love, support and care right now.

      The world need dreams, desires and hope. These are the circumstances which help us to design a happy world. We need healthy environment for growth and evolution. 🤗❤️🌄🌎

      1. Hello Pooja, how are you?

        Have you understood the context of this poem? I had written it in January in the first few weeks of my blogging journey. I had written it for my readers/blogger friends. At that time this post performed better than my other posts. I updated this post few days, you can see the increasing number of likes.

      2. Hello Lokesh, I am good. How are you doing?

        Yes, so I read a couple of your posts and found this the most intriguing. I found this a very unique way to communicate about bloggers and their relationship! It is super amazing to see you blog with such passion and observe things with such a fresh perspective 🙂

      3. I respect individual bloggers for the way they present their work. There are so many bloggers here, each has his/her own voice.

        And I’m very much impressed by some brilliant female bloggers. Girls are very good at starting a conversation and building a community around their blog.

        Thank you Pooja for your valuable feedback. You’re a nice person.🙂

      4. Exactly what I think, I love reading, even more about different perspectives, it shows me how many unique views can exist about same thing and there is so much to learn!
        Girls are indeed good at conducting engaging conversations! I agree to this with all might.
        You are doing a fabulous job, Lokesh and I can tell you are very kind. Looking forward to reading more from you!

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