The 7 Positive Words To Optimize Your Blog

Optimise your blog posts with the 7 positive words. Optimising your blog is important to rank higher on google. Readers love the clean, organised and inspiring post, ignoring just a piece of information and facts.

Table of contents

1. Appreciate

Appreciate your readers
Appreciate your readers
  • Meaning: ‘Appreciate’ means to encourage. I think it is the perfect positive word for any blogger because you have to appreciate yourself before appreciating your readers.
  • Similar words: Appreciation, encourage, encouragement, promote, promotion, promoting, welcome
  • Beautiful statements :
    • I appreciate my work.
    • I appreciate your blog.
    • I appreciate your efforts.
    • We appreciate your efforts.

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2. Hope :

Hope for a better tomorrow
Don’t worry! Hope for a better tomorrow.
  • Meaning: Hope thinking positive for the future. First, You have to be hopeful to make your readers hopeful. Hope is one of the most important values of our life.
  • Similar words: hopeful, optimise, optimistic, optimism, good luck, better luck.
  • Beautiful statements:
    • I hope better for tomorrow.
    • Let’s be hopeful.
    • Good luck friend.
    • Don’t lose hope, better luck next time.
    • Powerful hope comes from God.

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3. Open :

Open your mind
Open your mind
  • Meaning: Open means having a wide observation and view, come forward breaking your thinking limits.
  • Similar words: clear, clearance, open thoughts, open-minded
  • Beautiful statements :
    • Open your mind.
    • Open your mind and heart for others.
    • Knowledge and wisdom open a person.
    • Open the door of possibilities.
    • Open your love, close hate.

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4. Beauty :

Looking handsome
Oh! I am looking so handsome today.
  • Meaning: Beauty is a feature, a look and a quality. We have certain attraction and love towards beauty. It depends on our eyes, how we feel anyone beautiful.
  • Similar words: beautiful, look, handsome, natural beauty, the beauty of eyes, the beauty of the heart
  • Beautiful statements :
    • You are very beautiful.
    • You have a beautiful heart.
    • Beautiful lady with a beautiful mind.
    • The beauty of nature inspires me.
    • Life is beautiful.
    • My mother is very beautiful.
    • Your blog is very beautiful.

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5. True :

You are right
You are right !
  • Meaning: True has three meanings –
    • Fact, as we know all facts are true. The fact helps us to explain ourselves better to our readers.
    • Truth, this word has a deep and wide meaning, truth means physical matters and the living beings around us. Explore the truth to be positive. You should not share false information with your readers.
    • Honesty: You should be real when you are recommending any product (books, beauty products, smartphones etc.) or service to your readers.
  • Similar words: fact, truth, real, reality, honest, honesty, clear, right, fair.
  • Beautiful statements:
    • Be real.
    • He is a true person.
    • Your thoughts are true words.
    • Never tell a lie.
    • The most powerful element in advertising is the truth.
    • A true blogger always tells the truth.

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6. Explore:

The next Sherlock Holmes
I am the next Sherlock !
  • Meaning: Explore means to show interest in something hidden or new.
  • Similar words: discover, discovery, innovate, innovation, fetch.
  • Beautiful statements :
    • Explore the truth, explore the world.
    • Explore your inner self.
    • Exploring the beauty of nature.
    • Exploring the light in the dark, life in the dead.
    • Exploring the other side of the coin.
    • She explores hidden treasures in her blog.

7. Celebrate :

Happy birthday
Happy Birthday dear 😂😂
  • Meaning: Celebrate means enjoying together in an open, special and some sort of organised way.
  • Similar words: celebration, reward, rewards, award, awards, price, promotion, enjoyment.
  • Beautiful statements:
    • Celebrate your life.
    • Celebrate your failure achievements to make them your success.
    • Celebrate your life, share the joy.
    • You should celebrate your present to make your life happy and joyful.
    • Celebrations are the other side of downfalls.

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I want to repeat my words again-

Optimise your blog posts with the 7 positive words. Optimising your blog is important to rank higher on google. Readers love the clean, organised and inspiring post, ignoring just a piece of information and facts.

I hope you like my presentation. Tell me what makes you smile? How to be positive? Share your thoughts in the 🙂comment section.

©2021, The Gondwanaland. All rights reserved.


  1. This post, Loku, is wonderful and so perfect, it makes me smile. It shows again and again how nice you are, and handsome too. And I love your inclusion, ‘my mother is beautiful’.
    A very lucky mother and you will be one day very successful because you are grateful, and those two things go together.
    Thank you.


    1. Looking forward, I will go for completing my dreams because It is going to be very interesting and joyful. Thank you for your kindness Joanna.

  2. Hi, got your message, thank you. Today is Friday 12 Feb. and as you know, I am finishing a very large post for tomorrow. I will read your post later.

  3. Those 7 positive statements are absolutely Right Lokesh …appreciate your all positive thoughts… you are real Blogger and exposed to New Bloggers that how to create more beautiful content in Blogging…your 7 positive words are stunning

      1. Yes ofcourse, I’m amazed by ur writing,the way u’ve described these words is quite sublime💓✨..
        Much to learn from u dear✨✨

      1. Well Lokesh … In this post two points are very close to my heart ….. First one you talked about hope and second one truth.
        Without hope we can’t move forward. And while going forward to our way truth with ourself and with others is also very important.

      2. Truth is so amazing. It’s a root word for other words. You see, if we try to be hopeful and our base is false belief. In such a situation we’ll never achieve, what we want.
        Thank you sharing your thoughts my friend. Have a nice day.

      3. Yess Lokesh …. U are right . You too my friend.
        And one more thing u talked about appreciate.
        Yes good work should be appreciated. If you’re sure you doing good things , you are writing things which are helpful for other people…you should appreciate yorself. I gives positive energy.

      4. I always try to give something interesting to my readers. And a good presentation increases value of your work.
        I think we should believe on our words, our writing and try to improve it. Writing gives me satisfaction and that’s a good reason to continue it.

      1. Getting hope has always been a difficult factor for me since I was a child. Even though I am surrounded by a bunch of amazing inspiring people, who try to motivate me whenever I get hopeless, I have the habit of noticing the negative in me instead of the positive. And I think being a teen with bunch of insecurities makes the situation worse. Take my website for example, I get hopeless and I think that it won’t work out anymore. But then the thought that I have actually gained views, likes and motivating comments, when I thought that I would never gain any of it keeps me going. Sorry for writing this long, and if you have reached this far, here is a bunch of flowers💐💐

      2. Love you my friend. I’m here for people like you. Because I also have some insecurities. They have large impact on my life since my childhood. I’m with you. 🤗

        Can you please tell me, what are those insecurities? You can also email me if you are not comfortable to talk here? Or it is descriptive? I want to hear you.

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