Creating a place for myself,

Creating a space to work on my ideas.

Creativity inside thousands of heads,

Creating a world of dreamers.

I’m challenging myself,

Breaking narrow thinking limits.

I’m increasing my curiosity,

To understand design of this world in my way.

Creativity comes with an idea, changing β€”

the way you think,

the way you express,

the way you believe,

the way you breathe.

My words are speaking,

thoughts influencing.

I’m happy about myself,

Creativity is my wealth.

Creativity develops, designs an idea,

Fulfilling our needs.

Creativity is our behaviour,

Building our character.

Creativity is a way to express yourself.

Lokesh Sastya, A dreamer
Β©2021, The Gondwanaland. All Rights Reserved.


  1. Beautiful poem, creativity is very important as a blogger. I imagine it as a room where you can hide and forget every problem where you focus just on yourself and what is going on in your mind, in that way I can create everything I want in my imagination 😊

      1. For example, instead of writing a long post, we can share a colourful sketch when we are not in a good mood for writing.
        The best part is creative work by other people inspires us to create something of our own. You can use images made by yourself on your web homepage and suitable places.

      2. Right, the most important thing is your creativity when writing, your readers want to read posts that are full of it, even if they aren’t that long πŸ‘

    1. Thank you Rosida. Apart from reading too many blogs, I’m working on improving my writing and presentation. Art and creativity has a lot to do with our life, imagine designing your room by different types of creative things.πŸ˜ƒ

      1. That’s great Lokesh. There is always a scope for improvement and you are improving your skill day by day. Best wishes πŸ₯°πŸ’žπŸ’

    1. Thank you Molly. I was expecting same words from the readers. I’m not good at any art or creative skills.

      Everyone has something special inside them. That’s so powerful. People who live miserable life, generally don’t recognise their abilities or refuse to accept it.

      We should try to find our special qualities or otherwise build one. I can be creative with my thoughts and ideas. I have sense to observe pain and issues of the people and I want to help them with a positive attitude.

      1. Arrey it’s all fine that you can’t spare scope to read! Get well soon! Staying well should be the first priority! Take care πŸ’ͺ

      1. Hi, Lokesh, as my About page states, β€œIn this blog, we explore themes that can help balance the Micro with the Macro and reconnect us with Nature and each other. You’ll see data from new health studies, (my) nature photos, travel essays, vegan recipes, philosophy, poetry, and other reverent musings.” Why do you ask? 🌞

      1. Like many
        I’ve had a long history with my creative side
        I tried to write a book a few times
        Lacked some things to really follow-through
        You can find some ashes of those projects
        Scattered across blogposts

        Now I write a poem on occasion
        But I think creativity is much more diverse
        It’s when you prove a theorem
        Perhaps in a unique way
        Or combine existing knowledge
        In just your own special way

        I plan to do a lot more of it
        What exactly I do not know
        But my future will be creative
        At least if I have it my way

        With how broad of a thing I see creativity I could write/talk about it forever

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