The 7 Strong Reasons To Be A Creative Blogger?

Creativity is just connecting things.

Steve Jobs

I need creativity. I write stories. Storytelling can be a fun, a lot more interesting and can attract more audiences if you use pictures and illustrations. It’ll be a big opportunity for me because it gives completeness to my work.

Well, I have to work on other important matters also, you need right people who show interest in your work. They’ll read and observe your work. Use creativity and get the benefit from it.

1. To Develop understanding about your blog

Creativity is a nice idea!

Creativity starts when you feel, your work can be presented in a better way, providing ease to your audience/readers/viewers to recognise and understand your work.

We humans have certain feelings and connections with each other. We don’t like complexities, we appreciate the simplicity and a direct approach. Beauty attracts us towards it.

I think that creativity has the power to describe our thoughts, more in less and empowering expressions. A simple painting has a potential to give a great message of peace and love to the world.

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2. To beautify and grab attention of your readers

Beauty is the centre of attraction. The beauty of thoughts and ideas grab the attention of your readers. I wonder, how some bloggers create beautiful blogs with their beautiful ideas. They have a good sense of beauty. Their creative mind encourages them to write their beautiful thoughts on a beautiful picture. These can be quotes, affirmations, statements and poetry.

Unless you’re not a photographer, I’ll not advise you to fully depend on images, images that are not clicked/made by yourself. As a fashion blogger you can create a beautiful website with illustrations.

With images, you can be a creative writer. Use a good composition and balance of words and images. Excess of words can lead you to philosophy. Creativity is yours, use it in the way you want. Observe the need of your readers and the people around you.

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3. To be independent in your approach

Can you hear? It’s me.

Being independent doesn’t mean standing against someone. As a blogger, you are representing your blog. Your personality reflects in your work. How creativity make us independent in our approach?

Creativity provides you freedom and space. It creates a visual design of your blog in your mind. I think, the person who can visualize his dreams has found a way to achieve his dreams. He got the direction.

Self-love matches with independent thinking. Have you have seen artists or thinkers, they’re almost mad in love with their art. This madness leads them to one of their finest creations.

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4. Mental and physical growth

Growing with ideas, not the age.

In the beginning, I started writing with excitement because it gave me the chance. My mind was full to explode. After, a few weeks, I realised, I was repeating the same words and lost the shine of my words.

We have to be creative and productive. Our mind should be creative. Similar situation occurs when you starts liking a blogger too much. I mean a great work need appreciation but affection about it will be not in the blogger and you too. Go with your own ideas. So, one day you something to help him/her by your work. I appreciate your support.

Mental growth = Physical Growth

Be creative from today and after 3 – 6 months, you’ll have beautiful blogs to read, your memories. Challenge yourself how many creative stories you can write in a month. The need for creativity can lead us to more opportunities.

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5. Building a brand

Be the choice!

As a blogger, you should try to buildup your brand as soon as possible. If you are creative, you can complete the basics of designing your website by yourself. While talking about all this I am recognising you as a blogger who has just started blogging and wanted to take it at a high milestone. Be the choice.

Creativity can help you to build a logo, signs, header image, featured images and portfolio of your blog. It can also help you in the process of writing a blog post.

Recognise your potential today and if you have already started your journey, it’s time to build your unique and standard recognition. So, it can open more opportunities for your blog website.

An inspiring poem written by me: Be the choice

6. Experiments with your blog

How can I build my blog better??

I see bloggers are very creative in their work. They use beautiful pictures, sketches, graphics, gifs, colour patterns, calligraphy etc.

Content is so diverse, they are creating different ways to present audio and videos too. Watch an independent youtube channel and you’ll see their achievements. They always experiment with their content and create their own unique content.

Bloggers also need experiments. However, I think the blogging industry is more stable than YouTube. Experiments are worthy though if you succeed, you learned something new and if you failed, well, you just found a new way to not do that task in that way.

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7. Change the way you share

Understood or not?

We have so many tools and applications to share our blog. Still, sharing and promoting your content is not easy.

If you are using a wordpress free plan like me, we have limited or no chances to share our content. Use your creative head to share your work. Either produce the best quality content or try some tricks.

For example, create a featured image of your blog with headline and blog name written on it. After publishing your post, share the image in all social media and other possible places.

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Loku’s Dream- A short story

Dream Big
Dreams matter!

Once upon a time, there lived a 10 year old boy. His name was Loku.

Loku lives in a megacity. So no wonder if online is a big part of his life. His friends think of getting new video games on their birthdays. But Loku is different. He just hates the online culture which do not belongs to him.

He wish he has his own keyboard. The letters should be created by his hands. Then he can use them everywhere. He dreams if he creates his own supercomputer. And he can manage the whole world from there.

He imagines an advertisement is running on his screen showing β€”

β€œ Get 60% discount, pay ONLY 129 Rs. per month and get exclusive content every month from Loku’s Blog.

How amazing it’ll be, seeing advertisements of your own company or brand on your device??

Final thoughts

To be a creative blogger, I have started this 7 day blog series. Today we discussed, The 7 strong reasons to be a creative blogger? Let’s check what are those 7 points?

  1. To develop understanding about your blog
  2. To beautify and grab attention of your readers
  3. To be independent in your approach
  4. Mental and physical growth
  5. Building a brand
  6. Experiments with your blog
  7. Change the way you share

I’m sure you have strong reasons to be a creative blogger. It is our need. Is it okay? Tomorrow we’ll gonna move on to getting resources to fulfill our creative needs. Do like, comment, share and Follow The Gondwanaland.

How do you recognise yourself as a creative blogger?

Β©2021, The Gondwanaland. All Rights Reserved.


      1. You are welcome and also you can always can count with me ❀️❀️❀️😁😁😁πŸ₯³πŸ₯³πŸ₯³πŸ€ πŸ˜Ž

    1. I think creativity is more about behaviour and approach. Eyes to observe creativity of the nature can be a great source for creative motivation.

      Words matters the most. Creativity is just a way to present it. Thank you reading Jessy. Take Care.✨✨✍️

      1. In your opinion, what could I add to make my blog posts more, like, more visible and interesting? I was thinking of changing the theme a bit because it is the same as when I started the blog and I would like to renew its appearance a bit … I forgot to specify that mine is a blog in which I have not subscribed, πŸ™‚ .

      2. You should use cool and bright colours Eleonora. And design the home page by yourself. Write full description so people should clear about your blog.

        I wish you can use beautiful pictures in your blog post. You’re doing well, although.πŸ˜ŠπŸ’–πŸ’–

      3. Your advice is truly invaluable and I will treasure it. Maybe I start by changing the theme of the blog and, as soon as I have a moment, I give it a new look so as to modernize it a bit. Many thanks for your advice: you are really always very helpful. As for the home page I will have to ask you for a little help because I am not very knowledgeable about how to fix it. Oh yes: I’m a little bit clumsy on certain aspects of the blog, πŸ€¦β€β™€οΈ.

      4. Can you describe your blog and it’s purpose in 5 to 8 points?

        Such as
        1. monetization/ earning
        2. Place for open and healthy conversation
        3. Inspires your readers
        4. Collaborations with other bloggers
        5. Newsletter- for special readers of your blog, people who want to connect with your at personal level.
        6. Weekly and monthly targets
        8. Tools to Observe growth of your blog
        9. Sharing options – you can arrange initiatives on your social media
        10. Promote new bloggers on your blog and they’ll be grateful for you.

        How do you se your blog?

      5. I have to study them in more detail all the points indicated by you (it takes me a while because when I opened the blog I did not inquire about everything in order to know the various options that can make it up and I was wrong not to inform myself more because surely I could have been more knowledgeable) but my idea is to have a blog that is not too complicated to manage but at the same time interesting and quite rich in content. I am not interested in monetizing with the blog, at least for the moment, then in the future you can never tell.

      6. You should focus on;
        – building a good blog,
        – it should represent you and your thoughts
        – it should be attractive and cool
        – it should be easy to navigate
        – you can connect social media accounts

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