The 7 Best Blogs of The Week

Hello guys, How are you? I am Lokesh Sastya, a 20-year-old blogger from India. My blog, The Gondwanaland is a hub of literature-related content. We cover topics such as Self-help, Lifestyle, Poetry, Short-stories and Blogging. We aim to be a leading storytelling web in the future.

I’m starting this review series by my own choice. There will a total l of 7 posts. If you want to get posted here, focus on writing “ your thoughts ”. Be creative with your Imagination and give your best, every time you post a new blog.

I’m free to select posts, posts that entertain and satisfies me. After, completing 2-3 weeks of this project, I’ll allow my readers and other people, to share their ideas on, how to improve the value of this initiative. Your post must be shareable with my readers.

There is a little twist here, I’ll promote an individual blogger in the end.

7 points based Review Policy

  1. Representation: Your blog should represent yourself. I mean, you should have a name or recognition. If possible tell me something about your background. I want to know the person behind the blog.
  2. Quality: Quality is our priority. If you have quality, you do not need to pay for the promotion of your blog, anywhere. Quality means your blog post has some features that my readers find interesting.
  3. Organization, design and creativity: Your presentation should be smart and creative. The post should be clear and easy to read. Use subheadings. Images are not necessary, words matters. If possible kindly attach a featured image. So when I publish it here, it grabs the reader’s attention.
  4. Use and purpose: Your post must be useful to a majority of the readers. You can share free images, quotes or details which other people can use. You should have a copyright policy. You can’t use or steal other’s work.
  5. Inspiration is necessary for life if you have to move forward. I also, sometimes, get overexcited, too depressed. Inspiring and heartwarming posts and stories are always welcome. You do not need too much information and creativity to reach here, just make sure your post inspire us. Be simple.
  6. Life-changing: Can your words have the potential to change the life of people around you? We all want to improve or change our lives. We are not just a part of a culture where you’ll get one life if you give yours to the people in front of you. A post is not just written as per your schedule and then it’s okay. It should be a long-lasting and greater purpose.
  7. Try something new: Every day a new life starts. We all have the world’s greatest ideas that can change it. But the issue is, we never tried to work on that idea. Change the way you think about an idea. I’ll be very happy to honour bloggers with new ideas.

I think these 7 points are enough to find a dissenting post. I’ll try to improve them with time.

How you can inform me about the post?

Use tag “ #gwl7 ”  for the post you want to promote here.

It is written as  # ‘g, ‘w, ‘l, ‘7’

which represents the 7 best blogs of the week on The Gondwanaland. The posts will be seven only, so use the tag wisely.

Promotion of an individual blog

I’ll promote an individual blog/blogger. I’ll focus on newcomers or beginner bloggers, especially those who have less than 100  followers. We will try to help newcomers to reach 100 followers as soon as possible. Because after 100, you feel more comfortable and confident.

What you’ll get through participation?

A demo badge of The Gondwanaland Blogger

The 7 selected bloggers will receive The Gondwanaland blogger batch. In the future, they can write independent posts here. This means you’ll get full support from me. You’re special to this blog. And we respect your work. The reality is that I’m here for you guys, the people who represent themselves by their work.

The individual blogger will get certified by The Gondwanaland. We are not a renowned authority or publishing house. Our certification represents the respect and belief of our readers in us. I will prepare the certificate with myself for every individual.
I expect from such a certified individual that he or she will, promote our ideas of good and healthy blogging. He or she should realise their responsibility in the blogging world and encourage their followers to do so. I’m always with you.

What about my readers- The Gondwanaland Community?
Don’t fear from this community word. After all, we are part of a huge blogging community. We are not going for a secret mission. The community represents a group of people with a common interest. I respect your individual existence and never pressurise you for an evil work.
So, the readers will get the 7 best blogs of the week to read. You do not need to search for good blogs, anywhere else. As I’m focusing on new, creative and inspiring ideas, you’ll get so much to learn here. This initiative cannot be succed without your active participation. We should be proud of ourselves because we are providing a good chance to the people who need our attention. We will build good relations with each other. I’m determined to continue this great initiative, till the day I’ll blog. And I’m never going to stop blogging and writing.

Call To Action

  1. Check and improve your writing
  2. Let’s write some great blogs,
  3. Change the way you express yourself,
  4. learn, how to find and build your way of writing/blogging,
  5. Realise the power of writing
  6. Write for fun
  7. Write for yourself
  8. Win the hearts of the world by 1) Art of Imagination, 2) Art of Writing, 3) Art of Patience, 4) Art of imperfectness 5) Art of Blogging.

I know it will be hard to get the support from more people, the loyal support. But yeah, it’s okay. From today, blogging has a purpose for me, oposite is also true.

I don’t know what we are going to do or my certification or batches will be effective or not. I know nothing. But yeah, I want to try this. Because I always wanted to be myself surrounded by good people, the people who have purposes and possibilities in the life.

Your support is needed. Not just for today, but for a long journey.

Before stopping this conversation, I have a homework for you, tell me in the comment section what you think about it –

Image 1 : Brief History of Time, a book by Stephen Hawking ( source : Google)
Images 2 : Various articles written on Time Travel The of Stephen Hawking


I know we are not great, neither too intelligent but yeah, we can produce original idea. It is possible if you share your ideas with the people around you. It is your time to work on your ideas. Thanks.

2021, The Gondwanaland. All Rights Reserved.


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