Reflection of Imagination

Imagination is a gift of God to every individual. Why did God provide us with the power of imagination? May be because you haven’t seen the god in real life, you usually imagine him. So, statues or pictures in temples, churches, mosques and other religious places are some of the important places where you start faithful imagination. It means imagination reflects in our daily life.

Today, I’m going to talk about the reflection of imagination. Our daily life reflects in our imagination and imagination reflects in our daily life.

I’ll cover this topic in six points, these are:

In life, it matters a lot, how you recognise yourself. If someone tells me to fight with a bull, what should I do? I’ll not accept his invitation because I’m not so much physically strong. A bull can easily take over me. Even, I don’t want to fight with a puppy who is looking for someone to use his sharp teeth. I recognise myself, as a simple boy who wants to live his life peacefully with his friends and family. I’m interested in the study of problems and issues in society. Imaginary fiction can revolutionise the world of modern literature. I love literature because it helped me to develop my vision. It increased my understanding of reality, its challenges and the importance of love in life. I’m a learner.

To recognise your art of imagination you have to study it. Let’s start…


We all represent an age group. An individual behaves in the manner people of his/her age behave. As our age increasing with time, our thoughts are also changing. Our age reflects in our imagination and creative thinking.

What are those things people generally imagine in their daily life? A child’s imagination is different from the imagination of an old person. Because the child has just started his life, on the other hand, the old person has completed a long journey. That’s why old people are good at telling stories. If you have old people in your house please listen to them. Some of them lose the will to enjoy their life. Inspire them to imagine a peaceful life for themselves. You can also ask them to write short motivational stories.

Our age reflects in our dreams and imaginations. There are similarities and contrasts between the imagination of two people of the same age. How you’ll look like in your old age?

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Humans attract towards the opposite gender. This attention is normal in various forms, such as if a woman travelling in a bus carrying a baby and a man sitting beside her then he offer his seat to the woman. Saying, “ Hello mam, please sit here, I am almost reached my bus stop ”.

Young boys and girls imagine each other in their dreams. They imagine their future life. I’m also one of them. I like to hear my favourite movie don’t while sleeping. Imagination is creation of an image or picture in your mind. Better you imagine your understanding and observation skills will increase.

We have a perception of recognising a person as a male and female. And we ignore the third gender. These minor people face hate and violations because of their gender and sex. We should recognise ourselves as humans. We know that a male also has some characteristics of a female. But yeah! By his look and behaviour, it is clear that he is a male. No doubt, in the study of imagination gender is an important point.

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We need a place to build something. We use land to cultivate crops or to build a house or to construct a stadium for Olympic games. If we talk about creative thinking, our mind canvas is a place where we grow our imagination. To make a painting you have to choose theme of a village or a urban area.

A city or a village? If you are from a village you dream of a wonderful city where you can get world-class facilities and luxuries. You can imagine a happy life in the city because your village does not have enough resources. On the other hand if you belongs to a cosmopolitan city, you find city life difficult because of too much crowd and noise. Safety, job and survival are some of the important issues in the city. COVID-19 has taught a new lesson to big cities.

The world is changing rapidly, our thinking and imagination are also changing with it.

Imagine a village life which is very beautiful, close to nature and you can live a happy life there instead of the city’s busy life. The village has lots of fields and greenery, you can read an interesting book sitting under the tree. You can learn more about local culture and write a book or a blog on it.

So, a place reflects in our imagination. How do you imagine heaven or hell?

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Our life is a time, we call it “lifetime”. Our childhood has a time, we call it “childhood time”. Our school has a time, we call it “school time” and our college has a time, we call it “college time”.

Time is an interesting and debatable topic. Recognise and use it. Flow with the time. Gain values. The concept of time and its function gives direction to our daily life. The time we see is a mathematical calculation. Our memories are precious. Draw a painting based on your memories and hang it one your bedroom wall or click the photo and make it your smartphone/laptop wallpaper. Humans are always curious to predict the future. Time travel based stories empower creative and critical thinking.

Nighttime is the best time to dream because everyone else sleeps at that time. I have read this quote somewhere in my 12th board class. I am not an owl but certainly, I love reading books, working on ideas in the nighttime because there is no noise, no disturbance. The night provides you favourable circumstances to work. You can imagine beautiful stories in the night. Watch outside sky full of uncountable stars and the moon. Stargazing can make you an astronaut, an astrologer or an author (like me).

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Interest has a feature or value which attract the people towards it. We all have different tastes and interest.

I imagine a world complexion of physical geography (nature) and modern technology. The design of such a world will be based on these two features. However, nature connection is my priority. Means nature has its own rules and functions, modernity and technology are good at some level. But I never recommend converting the whole earth into a factory. Why can’t we control and manage our population before saying goodbye to an old person?

Discover your interest. What motivates you to think? What increases your curiosity? Can you live your life with it? You should think about it, understand it better and in the deep.

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The imagination of plane for the first time

We have been controlled and trained to think in the same way. We are not against anyone but why can’t we promote new ideas? What about the aeroplane, if Leonardo da Vinci or the Wright brothers haven’t imagined it, we all are using a tattu (pet animal) for travelling.

It may be beneficial for travel bloggers because they’ll get a chance to observe the people deeply instead of clicking their photos.

Believe in yourself, which means believe your abilities, your mistakes, your character and your learning. Increase your abilities by increasing the space and limit of your mind. Develop a healthy environment around you. Developing a strong belief is recommended if you want to visit the world of imagination, otherwise, you’ll lose yourself.

So, this is for today guys. We have discussed the role of age, gender, place, belief & interest in the study of imagination. Take your time and think about it. If you have any queries, ask me in the comment section. Have a good day. Good luck!

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  1. A very good and comprehensive post Lokesh. Good research and good writing. But I would say that imagination has little to do with most of those factors you’ve listed as influential or producers of imagination. To me, imagination is as individual as our minds, our thoughts and our intentions. Imagination surges spontaneously and intuitively and many times has nothing to do with our age, our place, gender or activities. I think of it as a separate sense altogether. Take good care my friend and keep thinking. You are a very deep thinking person with much to write, say and teach, but never preach.
    All the best to you,

    Liked by 4 people

    1. I don’t want to go deep into the matter of belief. Everyone is free to choose his/her way. I just use it for reference.

      Yes, imagination is personal. When I talk about it openly, I try to understand its various perspectives and searching how it can be beneficial for people in general.

      Imagination does spontaneous and fluid that we can’t catch in our words. It is rather a part of our life and “ a behaviour ”. I think my words are unclear somewhere and I broke the limit where I should stay confidently.

      I think control over our mind is the key. When we start controlling our mind and thinking, we can productively use our imagination. For example, drawing beautiful paintings, creating tunes for music, solutions to problems and entertainment etc.

      What do you think?

      Liked by 2 people

      1. I am also learning. Maybe I am wrong. Seriously, I want to learn more about imagination in the deep.

        Dreams, desires are words similar to it. On the other hand, reality, truth and the physical world counterpart.

        My imagination is an art, Art of Imagination. It is a way to perform daily life work creatively and constructively. It is also some sort of entertainment. For example, drawing a funny picture of Hitler is a great idea. You must have seen “ The Great Dictator ” by Charlie Chaplin.

        I’m learning ways to beautify my life and to be happier.😊💡

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  2. Although the entire article is interesting but I was specially interested in age section.that how our age reflects in our thinking with time.

    Liked by 3 people

    1. In the present, we have to choose our way. This moment is more about learning new skills, developing understanding and increasing our abilities. Also, don’t forget to implement your ideas. Our time is worth it, we have to increase its worth.

      Thank you, Aman. My best wishes to you.💐💐

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  3. A great post as usual. I believe imagination is fruitful only and only when it is used in practice. Most of the people in general just waste their whole time in dreaming but thinks little to fulfill the same dream. After all life is action not contemplation.

    Liked by 3 people

    1. I’m determined to use imagination practically.

      Sometimes, we need just support or a friend to make it does not matter how many FB friends we have. Imagination allows a person to think in his way, breaking the thinking limits.


      1. They also deserve attention. It is inhuman if we talk about imagination and ignore the issues of other species. Thank you, Shayan for sharing your views.


  4. Interesting and informative! I would agree that the 6 areas you mentioned have a part in shaping what I believe to be the largest factor~our own minds and thoughts AND experiences. When I taught I could see the imaginations running wild from those who were insatiable learners and what I call “sponges” of new information. It begins with an open mind {mine has been my whole life}. On the other hand I taught in the poorest of areas where the kids could only dream of what they would eat, or who would take care of them. And so I would help cultivate dreams and give love and care. And would lead with, “Just imagine if you could…”. Humans put limitations on what our brains and hearts can actually do. I’ll never limit God. I have a niece who is mentally and physically handicapped. Her mother, my oldest sister, is limited intellectually and lives in assisted living~but boy she has the imagination. I think we need to take time to point out to others just how imagination can propel them~despite age, gender, time, etc…it’s true my perspective is different at almost 51 versus a child or someone in their 20’s or 60’s or 80’s. I LOVE listening to the stories of my elders. What scares me is when I meet or know someone with no imagination. Flatlined without belief or dreams of anything. All I can do is be kind and be a friend ~for that may be all that they ever imagine~having someone like them or love them because life is unbearable. May we all use our imaginations and dreams to help our fellow humans on our journeys together!

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    1. Your comment is life for my tired and frustrated dreams.

      I talk about imagination and new ideas but I fear that they might vanish one day. And I’ll be cursing myself for not preparing for a good salary govt job and wasting my time in false belief. Not only that I’m manipulating the mind of other people too.

      If my imagination is true and my dreams & desires are true, this post is dedicated to your niece. I hope one day your sister will fly through the wings of her daughter.

      Now, I’m more determined to use my imagination power to help others and also to build a creative space for myself. ❤💐💐

      Liked by 1 person

      1. What a beautiful and heartfelt message my friend. It has me in tears. I’m so glad our connection stirs our hopes and dreams! Thank you so much! You have…and WILL go far in life and in your dreams. 💛🙏🏻🌼

        Liked by 5 people

  5. Wow! I picked quite a handful you of things here.
    Listening to older people telling us their experiences in their younger days are so motivational and inspiring. They give valuable lessons that are cherished even when they are gone.

    Haha, women and men dream about each other. That one got me.

    You’re always amazing me with all your posts, ‘Loku'(just realized that’s the short form🥺🇳🇬)

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Your comment always surprises me Tega. You are so active and charming. Storytelling is my lifeline. A story can express the issues and learning in such a way that it directly hits to our mind and heart.

      We will be old one day.
      I don’t know why I think so that I’ll more active and energetic in those days.


  6. Comprehensive one. Well written . And once thought of the imagination made by people irrespective of their age or gender.. interesting and fascinating topic lokesh. Go ahead..

    Liked by 2 people

    1. I have aroused a few factors which reflects in our imagination. This topic is very personal. Maybe a sane topic can have different meanings for different persons.

      Imagination is not matter of discussion. It is a process of creative thinking we generally do. Also, every Imagination is not special and creative.


    1. I was working on this idea for almost 2-3 weeks and procrastinating it.

      Yesterday, I looked back at it and completed necessary editing. I found that second time I was more confident. The professionalism you are talking about is the blessings of Canva. I have not done anything.

      Thanks Vani. Your feedback says I’m improving my work. I have to learn more. 🤗❤️💖💖


    1. Time is so an amazing topic that most of the time, I continuously think about it to understand it.

      We can do so much creative work and experiments with time. I have developed a friendly relationship with it. I have divided my time into different parts to complete different tasks.

      Think of this time line:

      -3 -2 -1 0 +1 +2 +3…

      Liked by 1 person

      1. It is time. We are not clear about when time started so we denoted it with a zero. We have travel so far from 0 to 2021.
        But I don’t know ain’t about -1 and -2. Maybe my imagination have an for answer to it.


  7. Loving what you said about time: “Recognize and use it. Flow with the time.” Time definitely isn’t something to fight against. And I think the older I get I realize it’s important to follow your heart and interests.

    Liked by 1 person

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