How To Write Positive Affirmations?

Positive affirmations show us the path for solutions. Affirmations boost up our energy two times. Writing positive affirmations is an interesting work. Let’s move one step forward towards self-motivation. Today, you should know- How to write your own positive affirmations?

Constructing a self-motivation lifestyle

We feel sad occasionally at that time we need motivation. We need the motivation to continue our journey.

I realised that sometimes, I get very excited and sometimes, I feel drown in a huge pond of sadness where no one is there to help me. Here, a question arises, What is our success rate to overcome sadness and awkwardness?

When someone tells me, “you have got a great potential Loku, you’re gonna be next Alexander the Great”, what should be my reaction? Guys, you are assuming right, what nonsense is this fool talking about?🤭

To move one step forward towards being a self-motivated person, we should start writing positive affirmations. You may say, it’s okay dude but we haven’t got success yet, therefore we are not eligible to write our own quotes and positive affirmations. Tell me one thing, where do you need motivation, the most, after success or before success? Let’s start constructing a self-motivation lifestyle.

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What are positive affirmations?

Positive affirmations are words written in one or two lines (it can be more) to inspire a person to live his/her life with a cool and positive approach. For example – you are more than what you think.

Positive aspect or positive affirmations enhance the performance of a person by changing his or her approach towards life. A group of positive people can set up a healthy environment to focus on their given task and stay full energetic. A positive attitude and positive thinking are the key features of a positive person. These two points should be reflected while writing positive affirmations.

How to write Positive Affirmations?

1. Start Self-Talk…

When you start a conversation with yourself, your confusion becomes your clearance, you recognise what you like(use it) or dislike (leave it) and the best thing is you accept yourself. It’s easy to start a conversation with yourself. See what are your challenges, where you’re lacking, how you going to improve this. When you ask these questions to yourself, your mind provides you with possible options. Your decision, action and positive affirmations should be related to each other.

So, I talk to myself to hear my voice. Because of reading and listening to so many people (and their advice), I forget myself sometimes. I think the person who can freely talk to himself, has gained the potential to motivate others.

Positive affirmations are subjective. They demand action from the person. That’s why while writing a positive affirmation we should be clear about its meaning and purpose.

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2. Be positive

You must have seen the people who complain about their life, especially the newcomers, poor, old people etc.

When people ask me your dreams are big how you gonna achieve them? I laugh at their question and simply answer- I’ll achieve them as anyone else. I’ll follow the path on which many people have already travelled.

I also not forget to add that you are asking me this question because we are living in a small town in India. What I dream of is normal in developed countries. It is just that I don’t have ‘ thinking limits’ like you.

To start writing positive affirmations stop complaining about your life, be strong as much as you can and develop a strong desire to speak. A minimalist approach will help you to recognise the value of available things and use them in the best way. We all are very rich.

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3. Be real

An honest and real person live a happy life. People who believe in showcase and luxury live a painful life. You’ll see they are in tension and always talk about fear of losing their money.

Don’t lie. Affirmations should be realistic. It is better to research a topic and develop an understanding of it before writing affirmations.

You should start writing affirmations for yourself. And check which one works the best. Develop a learner’s approach. You can write affirmations with your experience with different people, pets, birds or places. Stay updated with the latest news and knowledgeable to write great affirmations.

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4. Be present

“ I’m living my present ”can be a powerful affirmation to stop overthinking, to stop worrying about the future. Be the present. Write affirmations to beautify (make joyful) your present.

So, I have planned to write a positive post to motivate myself and my readers, and I’m happy with it. I planned for today and I have achieved it in the present.

Don’t use past or future sentence, always use present to write a positive affirmation.

Dreaming is not the issue. Issue is the way you dream your dream. Issue is you haven’t provided yourself enough space and time. The issue is you can’t sustain your dream.

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5. Be specific

One postive affirmations should be different to other. Writing and repeating same words again and again creates negative impact on reader’s mind. It means you are losing your positivity. This is an interesting challenge. Challenge yourself to write specific and effective affirmations.

Use your creative skills to write affirmations. If you ask me, I love quotes and affirmations written in a calligraphic style. Search google to get some ideas. Pinterest is no doubt the best place to get creative ideas. This plateform is also one of the best place to promote your blog. I wish I can start writing affirmations for Pinterest as soon as possible.

Write specific affirmations. Also, remember an important point about positivity, it cannot buy you luxury and pleasure like 7-star restaurants but it can show you the way. It will teach you real happiness.

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6. Focus on practical solutions

Why you are reading this post? Of course, you want to learn to write positive affirmations and if you tried to write some earlier and failed, you are here to find solutions. Affirmations and quotes can be the soul of your blog.

We want solutions, so we should be searching for solutions.

Guys, affirmations are like 10 second YouTube shorts, they boost your energy level and inspire you to find the solutions for yourself. While writing a positive affirmation remember that the readers or the person for whom your are writing, should not rely too much on it. You have to just give him a little push.

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Let’s write a positive affirmation in 1 minute

I have written a full post on how to write your own positive affirmations (start from today)? and I haven’t shared a single, my own affirmation. Because I’m just started like you. My diary must have some positive quotes in Hindi.

Let’s write something..

I’m a hopeful person. The affirmation may be Be hopeful in your worst situation.

I don’t think it is my original creation. Because I have read similar quote somewhere. But it is useful. It works for me.


What we have learned today?

We have decided to move one step forward in the direction of self-motivation by understanding positive affirmations. We have covered following points:

  1. Start self-talk
  2. Be present
  3. Be positive
  4. Focus on practical solutions
  5. Be specific
  6. Be real

Also our focus should be practical solutions. We have to take actions to achieve our goals. Write your affirmations from today and share on your blog, follow them in your life. Love your life.❤

Thank you so much for reading guys. I hope you enjoyed the post. Like, share, comment and click the pink button above to follow us. We are proud to have an amazi community like you.

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  1. Good one Lokesh. Love these lines ‘ A minimalist approach will help you to recognise the value of available things and use them in the best way. We all are very rich ‘ . 👍

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