What matters?

I doubt, the thoughts I have,

I doubt the way I think.

Someone, please tell me —

Am I wrong ( partially, in a different way or the way you think)?

I have been told to gain value,

to start exchanging values.

I have been told to be relevant,

Am I irrelevant?

The day I closed myself,

in a dark room,

Stopped interacting, participating,

I got a new way to

recognise myself.

No, I haven’t reached to samadhi,

I was simple as before,

But my focus changed.

Teachers told me, if you haven’t changed,

you are gonna clapping for other people in your whole life.

Appreciation helps the creator.

But who is appreciating?

How he is appreciating?

How I learn this appreciation and take inspiration?

Should we ask these questions?

What matters is the core question of my life.

I will answer it.

I will decide it.

I will learn it.

I will spread it.

Hello guys, I have some questions here. Can you please answer in your words?

  • Do you doubt your thoughts sometimes?
  • Do you think, you have no value?
  • What is your biggest reason for living your life?
  • Are you sure, your all doubts will be solved one day?
  • Do you think you represent yourself in a smart way?
  • Out of 24 hours how much time you give for yourself?

What drives you as a blogger?

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  1. Well… I have great value that I’m sure,I never ever doubt my thoughts I just brainstorm before I take any action.
    I represent myself just the way I am how I do things who I hang with and my ambitions.

    I don’t care if I’m being judged cause others opinions don’t matter to me but what matters?
    What matters to me is working hard everyday to bring food and shelter to my family and to post great informative posts.

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      1. In the present, I’m focusing on basic needs and I don’t want to live in dreaming false possibilities.

        It is hard to recognise our priorities.

        Maybe I love dreaming. Dreams are not true if we not believe in them.

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  2. I live because of what I give thought to and believe, I’ve no doubt and no fear and I give myself all the time God gives me. I am just a traveller through this plane of existence and one day I will be where I am meant to be but meanwhile I am all I can be…

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    1. You are clear and wise FBC. You are an experienced person. I will work on my doubts to be clear.

      My curious mind easily gets connected with any thought. I watch so many people with so many issues. I want to help them. The realisation of the importance of life is important.

      Life is the best topic to write poems and stories. I’m enjoying my life.

      Thank you for sharing your thoughts my friend. In between, we need self-inspection to continue our happy journey.

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      1. I fully agree, life is, in the end, the only topic, and yes, we certainly do need self-inspection to make our journey a happy one. Thank you Lokesh, you are a very deep person with much insight. I fully enjoy talking to you and reading your posts.
        All the best,

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  3. Yes, I find myself doubting my own thoughts very often. And I also believe that all my doubts will be solved one day.
    What drives me as a blogger is the will to make a place for myself in the world… to put myself out there and sometimes just be the reason for a person’s smile. 😁

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    1. “Doubts for good” are appreciated. The process of learning passes through doubts and mysteries. Desire to be clear and confident is essential.

      “ The will to make a place for myself in the world ” is one of the core reasons I made my blog. That’s why it’s not just a shop blog, book review blog or tech blog.

      “ Land” word of Gondwanaland is a symbol for a world, my own world. The world has so many stories which I’ll write one by one with the time.

      Aren’t we guys are reach than other people because we have created our own world.

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  4. Well, doubts can never go away completely!!!! You have to adapt and try to make peace with them ❤❤❤
    And to answers your questions –
    • every time
    • every minute of the day, yes
    •only time will tell
    •not sure but hopeful
    • 1 hour daily

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    1. I asked my questions because I want to know why I am working for. Your answers are so amazing.

      You are saying “ naah”….I remember, “ ladkiyon ki naah me haan hota hai ”.

      One pro or maybe stupid tip for you especially:

      Try to find more people to connect and communicate. You have enough skills and abilities. Get more people to get them benefitted from you. Your character and manner is so cute and lovely.

      Kash Vani meri classmate hoti, aur ham logon ne bahut dhum machai hoti. Firr mera ye sad character aise hi gayab ho jata. Sometimes, I write serious poems but most of my day passes in watching comedy on youtube, continuously for hours.


  5. The reason I live is to express the Divine. I strive to be the best possible version of myself by eating healthy, exercising regularly, hydrating, being grateful, showing generosity, spending time in Nature, traveling, and keeping a positive mindset. So, yes, I spend a lot of time on myself each day! But nevertheless, I still doubt myself on occasion. Great, thought-provoking post, Lokesh! 🌞

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    1. The concept of Micro and the Macro teaches us a lot. It helped me to understand the world in a better way when I started studying Micro and Macro economics in the senior classes of the school.

      There are so many theories. They help us to think in a different way. Start from the scratch. Your blog name is unique and sustain a great value to inspire others.

      I wish we will have a journey together. I want to explore the whole world, especially daily life of the people. I am very excited to know micro and macro creations of the god .

      Thanks for sharing your thoughts.😊❤️💐💐🌄🙏

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      1. Thank you for that! If the ones that gather start to look at human life & Nature with more love, respect, and unity, I will have succeeded. I’m grateful for our connection, Lokesh, and look forward to your posts on what you learn & imagine! 🌞

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      2. We have similar goals Lisa. As a human I have deep connection with the nature. I want spent my whole life under love and blessings of nature. Humanity can be best expressed in the stories. Different stories and different characters.
        In the whole we all are part of one. There is a completeness lies around us. We have connections with each other.

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  6. Lokesh, I love my life and the biggest reason is because I live to love and be loved. As time goes, you learn to realize what life is all about, what are the things that matter, and what doesn’t. In the end, YOU should feel that your life was worth living for. ❤️

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  7. Doubts will always be there in life. Whenever doubts arise I think about how I sailed through all those doubts before. This way my present doubts submerge with the hope that everything will be alright.
    Hope and belief in myself and the faith in the Creator is what drives my everyday activities be it blogging or any other activity in my life.

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    1. What matters? We are doing our daily job. We are improving our work. We are doing everything that we should do.
      But in the process of long run, I’m forget the reason behind my actions, my purposes. Self-inspection tells me that my every action has a value, I’m gaining more qualities and writing poems and posts to benefit my readers.


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