1. 💜 I AM “Here” Eternally, ALWAYS!!! Infinitely; “achievements” and ALL accomplishments of Mine ARE Too Many for SomeOne as Humble as I To List because I “Pull” Me, MySelf, I “Forward” with No NEED!!! to Impress Others and No Other Motivation Other than I AM, ARE YOU!!! 🤔 ?


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      2. That’s is rare. You are a true person.

        I can work here for at least 2 to 3 years to build my blog. Because I have other aims and I cannot stand here just writing and reading day and night. But I respect this platform. I come late here.

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  1. 💜 Keep on Catching Up; for I, and Others Like Me, NEVER!!! Stay in One Place Too Long as it’s The Journey NOT!!! The Destination


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    1. Yeah! I love traveling. While traveling I find different people with different issues. It makes me more serious and aware to think in deep about purpose of my life and what are the possibilities.

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    1. His words are so simple and acceptable. We do not need a big power or authority to do a great work. We can try at our level. I’m happy Trishikh for the bloggers here ( including you and me ) who are doing great job.

      Also thank you from my side to helping fellow bloggers. We need your support and learnings. 😴


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