The Lost Kingdom- A Gondwanaland story

The king has lost his kingdom,

Closed in a cage.

People watches him,

Clicking selfies with cute and ugly faces.

The king is so angry,

He snatched the selfie-stick,

people forget ‘selfie’ ,

King beat them with the ‘stick’.

King go back to his seat,

Ignoring the people,

Starts scratching the ground,

in frustration.

He is addicted to

the food they give him.

Behave in the same manner,

As they taught him.

He don’t care about the life.

He has promised himself;

He will escape from here,

One day.

When he will break this

iron cage

With his powerful paws.

When people hear of his escape,

He will be declared —

‘the coward’.

Only he knows,

How much he loves

their green jungle,

‘ His home ’.

Why he should die in that cage?

where, visitors clap on

his every single move

But can’t hear and understand

His hearts voice.

He try to climb the wall

Every night,

He wants to leave the cage

as soon as possible,

“ Oh my lost kingdom! ”,

he cries.

What do you feel when you watch a lion or other animals in the Zoo? If govt allowed can you build a house for these animals on your land?

©2021, The Gondwanaland. All Rights Reserved.


    1. As you can see we have lost the jungles and greenary around us. The future of life on the earth ( including humans) is going to be very challenging.

      We cannot allow animals to gather openly because it will harmful for themselves and human life too.

      I want to focus your curiosity on biosphere reserves and national parks. These places provide open and healthy environment for the animals. Not only that forest department and other authorities take care of each and every step of the animal for it’s well being.

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      1. You are right, the forest percentage is reducing day by day and when food in the jungle becomes less, animals are inevitably moving towards human habitats which is then causing bad effects for both parties. Your idea about biosphere reserves and national parks is a good one that can actually work.

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