Negative impact of blogging on your personal life

I am happy… and excited. I want to fully utilize this opportunity. Blogging has several advantages and I’m very proud of having my presence online (website).

Many bloggers tells me you are doing a great job! Thank you for that. One reason is that I am deeply connected with writing. You can see, I do not focus on image-based or video type post, I want to share my thoughts with people. Are there any serious negative effects of blogging?

Why I’m writing this post?

Because it is the best option to resolve this issue. The issue is that negative impact of blogging in my life ‘.

You guys are blogging for year’s and you can tell us( including me and my beginner blogger friends) how to deal with this issue.

Today, I’m okay with it. I have not a serious problem with blogging but my situation is miserable. This means there are chances of addiction to blogging. Not now, because I have spent just two months but in the long journey it may show it’s a negative impact.

What I want to do?

  • Life: I want to share my life experiences with people to understand them better. I want to explore life and it’s various forms, therefore, I use so many questions while writing. We should ask questions if we want know more.
  • Learning: This is the most important reason why I’m here. I want to recognise myself through the people around me. I want to know my positive and negative points and other points which I have not discovered yet.
  • Growth: I want to grow my blog with time and provide my readers with excellent and joyful content. I write stories so, I’ll try to improve our communication and looking for other opportunities related to these stories.
  • Earning: I want to be open and clear. Earning is an important reason why I’m here. I was happy with my life watching so many videos on YouTube, writing quotes stories on Facebook and reading interesting novels on my smartphone. I want to pay value (my service) to get the value (finance, resources, recognition). It’s okay, you can’t earn in a day or fraction of seconds, I’m enjoying writing and your comments on my posts.
  • The blogging community: I respect and individual blogger. We are living in “the virtual blogging village of the world”. What is the most common thing between us is that we are humans?
    • We have our background, recognition, stories, poems, major life etc.
    • we are part of society.
    • We are of different age and interest of the people from different corners of the world.
  • Education institute: I am a blogger who is hungry for knowledge and wanted to available for an online platform for society. I have chosen the to of imagination because I love this topic, especially I want to produce stories and videos based on learning of imagination.

Healthy blogging

  • Content publishing: I think we should clear about what type of content we are offering our readers. We should develop a fix routine of publishing posts. We should be prepared in advance for our readers.
  • Personal space and breaks: We should take breaks. I prefer weekly breaks. Complete your post in 2 to 3 hours and you are free whole day, enjoy your life. We should develop our way of writing in such a way that we did get too much busy with unsatisfactory results. Take your own time.
    • One post a week is a good idea.
  • Attachment: Attachment with your blogger friends is natural and beneficial in many ways. But sometimes it is distracting and irritating.
    • when you people repeat same words again and again in comment section, like social media culture.
    • Sometimes you find strong attachment with a virtual person, you don’t know how they are in the reality. It is also big question for emotional people like me.
    • Follow for follow is a worst idea. Yes, you feel happy when your followers increases rapidly but your single post engagement has no changes.
    • My single post performance : 100 views> 50 likes > 30 Visitors
  • Healthy communication: We should provide healthy environment on our blog, in the comment section. To get more ideas and setting direction to our blog. Open mindset and supportive nature is our primary need here. Bloggers should also try to improve their content and developing their way of excellent presentation. If you have more ideas tell me in the comment section.
  • Wide approach: Wide approach is our need because we are interacting with the people globally. People generally form their community groups for security and gathering of like minded people. You should be open. Designing a contact form for everyone is the solution.
  • Consistency and interaction: Consistency is essential, it has several benefits to grow your blog. I’m not saying post too often because it is ridiculous and irritating. On the other hand, interaction with the fellow bloggers and your readers, helps you a lot, ask them your doubts. I’m sure everyone feel happy when they help you. Start good friendship.

Contact me
  1. Send me a friendly message, saying hi Loku.
  2. Do you any doubts or questions about the gondwanland or Lokesh Sastya? Ask me directly. I prefer usefuls questions.
  3. Wanted to share your thoughts? No, I’m not going to steal your ideas. I do need that. If you think we should work together, you are welcome. We should develop good relations with each other.
  4. Others ( specific questions, promotions, help etc.)

Thank you so much friends for reading my post. Talking about healthy blogging and growing our blog is our primary need. Comment your view below…

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  1. Like how you’re focussed on making your blogging journey a healthy one. I’ve been actively blogging for a little less than a year and it hasn’t been the smoothest ride because it is in addition to my full time job. But I love this world and I love my blogging friends so I am hooked. 😊

    Liked by 7 people

    1. Hello Happy Panda 🐼 (your name is funny), thank you for your valuable feedback. I agree, I love my blogging friends(including you), they are unique and interesting. Almost every blogger have his/her own taste. I enjoy their writing.

      We should focus on smart work with better time management. It helps us to improve our performance. Can you suggest me something on increasing reader engagement ?

      Liked by 3 people

      1. Hahah my name is Moksha.

        Increasing reader engagement is a very difficult challenge – the biggest challenge for most bloggers. But the main ways
        1. Finding like minded bloggers and engaging on their blog posts so that they engage with you
        2. Promote your blog on social media

        I’m still learning too but this is what I understand. 🙈

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  2. My blogging journey is going on and I am learning from others. Here I find what you write is so honest. It is good to share your life because everyone has their own story and every story matters. If someone is comfortable then he/she should go on.

    Liked by 8 people

    1. It has been said “ honesty is best policy”. Being honest and real, I can deal with my readers better. Otherwise, I’ll try to convince them by something which is very different from my real life. Thank you for sharing your thoughts Rosida.🤗

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  3. Nice post! This was certainly an eye opener for healthy blogging. Im closing in on my two years of blogging and I am really happy with the followers I have and the people I follow, not unlike your self! Have a great day!

    Liked by 6 people

    1. I did not say that I’m going to write post in hindi only. I am starting more content in hindi but it’ll not affect my other readers. I am not expecting much response in a day. It was fine.

      I’m reading your post when I’ll complete it, I’ll share my views. Yesterday, I was very tired. Thank you. 🙂

      Liked by 1 person

  4. I will offer you my advice here, as you are young,
    Have two blogs – one just for your tribal friends in India,
    and one for the rest of the world, because if you mix two languages together in one blog, firstly it is disrespectful to those who don’t speak Hindi, secondly, on seeing Hindi, they will not come back.

    I noticed that you are lapsing into Hindi when ‘talking’ to KK, and IT IS Loku, DISRESPECTFUL!!
    Do you not understand this?! Yes, KK, write the Hindi version but it is ALWAYS translated!
    It doesn’t exclude anyone!


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  5. Is there such thing as negative impact on blogging?i started this year.i am a salesman and my blog it’s about thoughts , tehniques, funny stories from a salesman life.all i can say now is that is only clearing my memories by writing them down.maybe losing to much time on getting folowers is somehow counted as negative impact.but this only.stay positive

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    1. If you spend too much time on your blog engaging so many people, it affects your life negatively.

      1. Some negative effects are biological such as
      -your eyes get hurt by your device’s blue light,
      – you don’t care about sleep,
      – blogging is the main centre of your lifestyle and
      – you sit in a single place for a long time it is good for your health.

      2. Thinking and social life:
      – your thinking changes with time but your friends and family thinking is not changing rapidly.
      – you feel depressed,
      – you stop writing,
      – you get jealous of others performance,
      – sometimes you face haters and trollers and
      – other issues.

      Be smart and organised. Always believe yourself. Don’t stop writing. Just keep going on and complete essential tasks with time. Thank you.

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      1. I wouldn’t have thought that based on your descriptive advice and knowledge. I’ve been blogging over a year. I’ve tried very hard to find balance. I post about once a week. And love the connections I’ve made. I wish you were staying longer! Karla

        Liked by 3 people

    1. Recognise your ideal reader bro. I am gonna check out some websites on Google to decide on which niche I can give my best.
      I’m sorry I can’t read your blog, so it is better to ask to the people who understands you. Good luck 👍.

      Liked by 1 person

      1. I think you have to check and grow your roots first. I’m not a professional so I’ll check in the way a normal person use Google. In fact, we are using it for do long. “ Words are always mine, I have to just be familiar with blogging culture”.

        Liked by 1 person

      2. Just flow with your writing. Don’t plan everything. Don’t plan unachievable goals. Set weekly or monthly goals for views, likes and comments too.

        Quality comes with practice and efforts.

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  6. This is true blogging advice. Great, great post! Definitely should be following your interests and posting content that you agree with. I’ll have to think of posting more regularly because I’ve been doing it mostly sporadic as now. Thanks for the tips. So much more could be said. It’s important to blog without your life=blogging. It should add to your world, not take away from it.

    Liked by 1 person

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