How to unbox your mind?

  1. Check your belief: Friends belief matter a lot because you can not get satisfaction until you find something or someone to believe. You should believe me that I’m trying to help you as a friend.
    • Our beliefs are based on our elders teaching in our childhood.
    • You have to check your beliefs again and again.
    • Your belief is a source of your motivation, it gives you the unlimited power to stay active and work hard.
      • Sometimes facts and logical thinking work and sometimes your belief in-person work, you have to be wise while choosing both of them. Unbox your mind from disbelief and misinterpretation.
  2. No more confusion: Your belief provides you clearance. You can use your mind and it’s energy in doing something productive, doing something beautiful. Unbox your mind from confusion.
    • Don’t ignore confusion because it helps you to understand the issues better.
    • Meditation and Yoga help you to be calm, gain peace.
    • Be aware of the people who distract you. They are already confused, these are the reasons which makes you confused.
    • I repeat, unbox your mind from confusion.
  3. Choosing the right option: At different ages of life in different circumstances, you have to choose an option (or a path) to keep going on. You have to choose the right option to move forward. You can compare your available options, choose the one which is better than the others.
    • Don’t hesitate to take the risks.
    • Try something new.
    • Always remember you’ll get rewarded based on what you deserve
    • Try to be better every time. Choose the right option to unbox your mind.
  4. Try: Try something new. Do it in the right way for the first time. Repeat it again and again. The best example from your daily life is the ant🐜. Have you ever seen an ant crying for her failure? She is the toughest weightlifter in the competition. I have told you to find happiness in small things now, I’ll say learn from small living beings to unbox your mind
    • Try something new.
    • Try to be better.
    • Change your fear into your confidence.
    • Don’t try useless things.
    • Develop your way to perform any task. Try to unbox your mind.
  5. Love your work: I doubt unboxing or openness of your mind, whether it works for a long time or not. Otherwise, I have to again unbox your mind. It is you who decides to be an open-minded person or a closed-minded person. Love is the solution to do so. You have to connect your mind and heart to be more productive, to be more open and strong.
  6. Give direction to your thoughts: All the rivers are continuously flowing, they provide your freshwater. They teach us to move. Flood and drought, both are harmful for us. The river flows on a definite route, it has a disciplined-continuous-rhythmic flow. Unbox your mind, give it direction, you have to be the river, flow like the river and give life to millions and billions of the lives.
    • Develop flow of your thoughts.
    • Flow like the river.
    • You have to be aware and updated to give direction to your thoughts.
Why unboxing? Your mind is not a factory product. Is it sounds stupid, disrespectful and ridiculous? You are already doing all this with your brain. You have preserved your brain in a closed jar of your skull. It must be unboxed, right now.

Guys, I want to hear from you. What do you think about the post? I appreciate your single word.


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  1. The concept is excellent but far too much repetition. You use this as positive brainwashing, but
    it turns a reader off as it is boring. Not enough practical tips HOW to achieve the changes.
    For example – choose your friends wisely because if you want to fly it want help you to surround yourself with turkeys, as you will become like them.


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  2. All points are correct Lokesh as per me… We should have belief on ourselves, and should be always clear on what we want to do, and should never stop trying till the end. So all your points, i agree to😃👍🏻

    Liked by 1 person

    1. 🤗Thank you Soni. My posts are generally an individual based because I think people in India ignore role of an individual whether a girl or a boy.
      I have used the word “ unboxing ” to motivate a person to choose his or her own path. Let’s together provide a happy and joyful environment in this world of blogs. 😃😊🎈🎈

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    1. I am trying to be more simple but sometimes I feel that I am pressurising people. If our words have value then we do not need to pressurize readers to read them.

      I need enough research and good presentation skills.


    1. Thank you, Rohini. We should check our beliefs to know what they are? Why we are believing them?

      Believe in a person or God helps us to continue our life. We should believe ourselves first.


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