Be the life

Be the life,

Make dead alive.

Be the life,

You are life.

Be the life,

Sprouts grow around you.

Be the life,

People take a selfie,

pouts with you.

Be the life,

Grow your spirit.

Be the life,

Be courageous.

Be the life,

Make people laugh.

Be the life,

Do not smile half.

Be the life,

Be the supporter.

Be the life,

Be a true friend.

Be the life,

You’re the continuous source of life.

Be the life,

Make your planet live and green again.

Be the life,

Educate the poor.

Be the life,

Allow your child the imagination.

Be the life,

Break your silence.

Be the life,

Speak up your thoughts.

Be the life,

you are not dead.

Be the responsible human,

Who cares about everyone.

Be the life,

Live your life.

Be the life,

Love your life.


Be the life to someone.

Loku, the gondwanaland.


©2021, the gondwanaland. All rights reserved.


      1. It depends on your simplicity and communication with the local people. You should understand and aware of their problems, issues, needs and demands

        1. Sovereignty: A country must be sovereign and should be ruled by its citizens, and not by any external power.

        2. National recognition and land: A country has a flag, which retreats its sovereignty. Our national language and every kind of “national signs and believes” represent every single citizen of the country.
        “ Truth always wins and accepted by everyone…’Satyamev Jayate’ ”.

        Every country has a definite land and resources.

        3. People or the citizens: people are the country, they represent their country, their faith & beliefs, their way of praying, their art and culture, their glorious history.

        “Citizens( women and men) of a country builds their country, they have the potential to grow and develop their country. There are certain points and beliefs where they agree with each other and follows them.
        If you collect a group of few people and declare them as a country. It does not work. Because they have nothing similar. Military rule or dictatorship never works. Force break the people, not unite them.
        We need a happy environment to run and develop our country.

        4. Constitution: Constitution is the Bible, Kuran or Ramayana of the country. Constitution gives our rights and responsibilities. It cares about our fundamental rights and gives direction to the sate by DPSPs( Directive Principles of the State Policy ).
        Constitution recognise is as an individual citizen. A government job is offered to an individual, not a group or a businessman. We have the right to live, ask for the fulfilment of essential needs, including education, health, employment and growth. We have the right to free speech as a responsibility.
        Constitution believes in the “ rule of law”.

        5. Government: Goverment is the biggest institution and authority inside a country. It rules by the power provided by the common people. We elect the government to run the country because everyone cannot run the country directly. There are so many uneducated people, they even not realise what the govt is.
        Constitution provides powers and responsibility to the legislative, executive and judiciary. It is called “separation of powers”. But they also support each other, that’s how the country runs.
        A good govt focuses on providing basic services to the citizens and their development. Govt collects tax to use it in various places in various ways. Govt focuses on developing GDP rate and building the economy of the country.
        Govt’s have several ministries, including PM office, finance ministry, defence ministry, external affairs ministry education ministry, water resources management and development ministry etc.

        Police and army handle internal and external security issues.

        Independent judiciary is very important. It helps us to get justice If someone violates our rights.

        Important point*

        It does matter you are ruled or a citizen. A prime minister is recognised for his character, work and achievements(people remember the person and the way he performs her/her duty). However, the position of a prime minister is very powerful in various countries. Responsibilities come with power.
        We are happy with what we have today. But we should always try to be better, learn more, increase our abilities, open ourselves more, develop a global and universal vision.
        We are important, where we are. We should not forget it.

        😔Sorry for such a long reply. But it is important.

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  1. Be the life someone truly needs to their life. It could be living or non living person, just adding value & your presence to it will certainly do a lot. I also blog about poetry on my blog, feel interested to check it out, i really enjoyed this piece. Have a nice day !

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