Be the choice

Who is your choice?
Are you someone’s choice?
Why you choose others?
Why someone will choose you?Your friends find you irritating,
And you want to change yourself.

Are you going to change
your skin colour, your face, your look and your legs?
OR your personality?

What is your speciality?
By which people recognise you.
Do you have some kind words?
Do you have some fun?

No one care for you,
Do you care someone?
Care enough,
so that he or she respects & loves you?

You are frustrated with your parents,
and your friends are not liking your Fb and Insta photos.
You have big dreams,
and unrealistic imagination.

Leave it,
forget the events,
forgive mistakes and your friends.
Leave the burden,
Clear your vision.

Be the choice, my friend,
Don’t look always for others.
Be the master of the art or game,
you love so much.

Be strong enough,
so that a 10 second TikTok video,
Can not play with your emotions.
Be the choice,
Be the brand.

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©2021, the gondwanland. All rights reserved.


    1. 😃glad to hear it Devika. I was trying to complete one of my posts for two days and it is still incomplete…”be the choice” was already in my mind. I am satisfied with my poem. It motivates me. Have a nice weekend.

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  1. Very good. Rhetorical questions are powerful. Well worth some introspection. ” Be the brand”- I like it and it sums up the essence and purpose of human existence, doesn’t it ? Let’s clear our vision by refocusing on the truth.

    Liked by 5 people

    1. I agree with your views my friend.

      Brand are of two types:

      1. First one, which you can promote with the money and advertisement. You can hire a professional team to analyse stats of your brand’s popularity and how to grow it.

      2. Second one is a brand based of utility, quality and satisfaction. The brand whic fulfill our needs and equally distributed with equal price.

      Mahatma Gandhi was more than a brand. He had strong roots, a wide perspective and representation in the form of simplicity and humanity.

      Thank you for your valuable feedback.

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    1. We have to figure out ourselves from the crowd. As a beginner in the blogging world we have so many opportunities. The bloggers who have already covered their journey, are having lack of motivation and challenges to compete new comers. We should provide healthy environment on our blog.

      Be the choice also applies in your personal life.

      Liked by 2 people

    1. 🤗Thank you so much Halberbera. I’m feeling happy to hear it. You have enough followers and reader engagement to building your logo and brand. Healthy communication with the people plays an important role in our growth. I have to learn a lot from you.

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