Life is too short to hate

My hands can’t stop typing while a WhatsApp chat,
Life is too short to hate.

The sun rises, the earth revolves and birds flies,
no one waits,
Life is too short to hate.

Now, I’ll write some true words from my heart,
everything is set,
Life is too short to hate.

The baby cries create pain in the mother’s heart, her eyes are watery & wet,
Life is too short to hate.

Authorities are criticised, their families live in fear,
what if a policeman, went back home late?
Life is too short to hate.

There is a girl, alone, shrinking in the room corner,
her hands handle
a cute cat,
Life is too short to hate.

Make yourself so lovely that no one can hate you.


The day on which you starts loving yourself, you’ll stop hating others. The reason for your unhappiness lies in the way you have built yourself, the way you recognise yourself.

Believe my friends, life is very beautiful. Every problem has mysterious happiness lies in it. You have to keep reminding yourself that you are cute and lovable. Why look at others for love and appreciation? Start appreciating your efforts from today.

Together we can develop a better world. Life is too short to hate and fight.
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  1. Such a lovely poem, Loku! You keep getting newer topics! Your post touched me.
    Why aren’t you reading my poems? I’m sure you would like them. Are your exams going on?

    1. I stopped reading blogs for the last 3 days. There are too many blogs, continuously popping out. It irritates.
      Don’t worry I’ll check your posts. Right now.

      Thank you so much for your love for my poem.😊

      1. I can understand you very well when you say there are too many blogs out there to check out. I think it’s a problem faced by every blogger here!
        Your poems are soooooooooooo good! Awesome!

      2. I have a tendency. I usually get over motivated. And sometimes, I fall so badly that I even refuse to recognise myself. People like you motivate me to stay active and do my duty.

  2. The day on which you starts loving yourself, you’ll stop hating others. The reason for your unhappiness lies in the way you have built yourself, the way you recognise yourself:

    Beautiful and true lines 😄

    1. I’ll try to be honest with the people around me. It is hard to answer how we recognise myself?

      I’m a learner, a friend, a simple boy, a human, a dreamer, an art lover and you can say a writer.

      I want to build and design a continuously performing blog. The blog which evolves with time. The blog is an important part of the daily life of its readers. The blog invites fellow bloggers to come together and spread themselves all over the world providing the best services and value.

  3. I knew this from my life recently “that life is too short to hate”.
    Sometimes we can’t forgive the people around us ,who hurts us with their words or behaviours but forgive and moving on is something which brings your inner peace .nobody is perfect , no relationship is perfect . So why hold the grudges if you have lack of time ..
    Don’t take anything seriously in life , Every body makes mistakes , you just have to learn from it and move on for the sake of your own sanity.
    Because again “life is too short to hate”. You never know what will happen in the next moment . Don’t hold something in you which makes you feel guilty later.

    1. Life is too short to hate: Love the people you have.

      Problems are never-ending nor everyone is going to praise us. We have to learn the solutions to the problems and learn the way to treat people.

      No one is self-less. Spreading love is a universal concept. If you share love and happiness, people will share it with others. Love connects us all.

      Thank you so much for sharing your thoughts. Stay happy, stay blessed. Share the joy.😃💐💐👍

  4. Niice!!
    Love is the sweetest word in any language and the sweetest feeling so why not have more of that and spread more if it, rather than h–e, a word so harsh and unlovely one doesn’t even want to utter it!!

  5. Loku, beautiful post! Wonderful advice! ❤ I think we might be expecting too much if we think no one will hate us, though.

    There are people out there who hate others they don't even know. They hate you for your race, nationality, religion, gender, age, sexual orientation, disability…a whole host of reasons beyond your control. A few of them may be won over by showing them a little love, but others will never be your friends.

    Wishing you a happy life with many friends. I think that is very likely! Take care! ❤

    1. It is true, not everyone is going to love us. Acceptance is important. The poem is dedicated to the people who share happiness, joy, memories and love with people around them. Keep sharing love.❤

  6. Loving yourself is the best thing, one can do!!!!
    It will help you to survive in this world 💗💗💗
    Very well written lokesh 👏👏👏

    1. Thank you Ayush bhai.

      There is a reason behind writing this poem. We should understand it that blogging has some serious negative outcomes and impacts also.
      In the beginning, when I was not aware of blogging culture. I met new people and accepted everyone. I liked their post and commented on their blog post. They were going great. Then, one of blogger( I’m sure he is reading this comment) whom I was following, posted some negative content or a content which I think should not be publishing here.

      I started ignoring his posts. When one day I told him I was ignoring his posts. He told me ,“ you can’t ignore me”. I unfollowed him because I’m not here fo such nonsense things.

      The worst thing is he started bullying, especially because I am Indian, my english is weak.

      Now, I’m more about this world. Most of the people are so nice to me. I support and encourage them. I belive “ Life is too short to hate”.

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