The 7 Ways To Be A Curious Reader

Reading is an art of accepting a person who want to help you to be better. But aren’t we skip some posts? Why we do so? Are you reading your followers content just for the reason you don’t want to lose them?

But there is a good news for both, bloggers and their readers. That’s we are not perfect. We do mistakes, we are continuously trying to be better.

  1. Choosing the right content
  2. Fulfill your needs
  3. Creator’s mind : behind the blog
  4. Start logical and critical thinking
  5. Support the creator: Setting long time goals
  6. Get inspiration for new ideas
  7. Learner to learner: One on one connection

1. Choosing the right content

Content is the understanding, creativity, learning and life changing words. When you choose a content be sure it has potential to add value in your life. What makes you curious about reading blog?

Suppose it talks to you, show sympathy with you, it helps you to release your pain (ex. Be the voice). On the other hand there is a tutorial which helps you to learn how to use so & so application (how to use wordpress?).

Content similar to your approach and goal, helps you to recognise and learn the part of the topic which you left. You can organise some contests with such a creators to learn from share your thoughts. You can also challenge each other in a healthy competitive way.

I’m sure you are intelligent enough to choose a right, happy, calming, useful, true and worthy content.

If you haven’t paid much attention to what you are reading I suggest you to do so. Take your time. What you want to get from reading a blog really matters.

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2. Fulfil your needs

  • Inspiration: You need inspiration when you feel sad or break sometimes. Read the content which encourages you to be more patient, to be better. For example the blog
  • Guidance: We need a guide when we are doing something for the first or we are doing something in which we are not good. For example, when I decided to start a blog, I searched for it. I read a long blog by Neil Patel named…How to Start a Blog That Generates $3817 a Month
  • Offers: people always detach for free offers. I need images that suits perfectly for my blog. I need important facts, tips and research-based content to use in my blog.
  • Learning skills: Don’t you want to be written to a professional writer. It’s okay, you do not need money from your writing but It’ll help you to be a better writer. You can write articles in newspapers, magazines and popular websites.

So, you have to get a blog that fulfils your needs. Certainly, I’m curious about learning the whole process of writing to publishing a comic or a book.

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3. Creator’s mind: Behind the blog

There are some bloggers whom I love too much and I’m sure you too love them. The creator/creators behind the blog have a big role. They are human like us and they have contact form also if you want to meet them.

The creator has his/her own purpose behind the blog. There are several reasons behind their blog. You and me are the creators. My blog has a purpose.

I would like to write a post in the future about how a few bloggers inspire me a lot. You are also on e of them.

Connect yourself with the creator of the blog or people behind the blog to get the best from their blog. You can ask them how you can use their blog in the best way. I always welcome you guys.🤗

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4. Start logical and critical thinking

Gottfried at says humour is the reason gone mad. Which means you have to be illogical to enjoy and understand the comedy. Of course, comedy is for fun and entertainment. Life without fun is living like a dead person if you ask me.

But if you are working on how to treat covid 19 you have to be careful and logical. You have to be gone through a long and hardworking research process.

When I talk about imagination I also say, “ Say NO to the imagination”. Because I think you have to be logical while working on imagination. Don’t you want to be creative? Tomorrow, I’m gonna write a curious post on imagination in a logical manner. I hope you like it.

Logic starts with asking questions. Logic starts with knowing the truth. Don’t you think you when you are reading something logically and critically curiosity starts naturally. Be aware of the blogs which irritates you.

You have to be patient to be critical and listen carefully to the people who are talking with you. The world has so many wonderful books. They are written in a manner to develop understanding and logical thinking of the reader. Aren’t you curious about reading such content?

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5. Support The Creator: Setting long time goals

Have you heard of The website makes available a platform where you can support the creator’s or artist by purchasing different packs and support your favourite YouTube or blog creator ( YouTubers and bloggers).

You can also like their work which works like a rating. A post with more likes is recognised as fair and popular content. You can also visit the post twice if you think it is you haven’t understanding completely at the first time.

Share the work of the creator that is I call to share the joy. The world has so many negativity, so share the joy to make people happy either you are reading a blog on WordPress or using other social media.

Comment your response or reaction. You have to be very careful about it. Because a fair and positive comment motivates the creator. Also, don’t hesitate to criticise if your intentions are right.

Overall, I want to say, pay the value to the creator of the blog/youtube channel and he/she will take care of you. If you want to get something valuable, you have to pay the value. This value maybe love, appreciation, finance and etc.

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6. Get inspiration for new ideas:

Yesterday, one thought to come to my mind that if I am working hard to give my best then What is the role of my readers? Then I realise that you have to not tell everything to the readers. That’s when I talk about logical and critical thinking, I want to say that I have to just give direction to the people and they will get the thing which they want. To be a curious reader you have to play your part of the game in the best way.

The word “ New ” attracts me more. Because I studied in the “ navodaya” school, a place where new ideas and new innovation get promoted and appreciated by the teachers.

Be a curious reader who is searching for new ideas. Break your thinking limits and change the way you think. Be imaginative and focus on problems-solving. Read the blogs which write out of the box. But they should make a sense and should have a purpose and meaning.

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7. Learner to learner: one on one connection

The blog or youtube channel musta have more than one creators. They work together because they agreed on some common points.

On the blog, you should make a person to person connection to understand his/her work better, in a clear way.

A famous author and guide once told his students that to understand a book, you should first read the “ About author ” part of the book. You’ll realise that stories and poems represent there personality and character of the creator.

Every famous dialogue or quote has a reason and story behind it. When I talk about one on one interaction don’t you imagine the picture of J.K. Bowling with the Harry Potter book?

We all are learner no one is perfect. Be the curious learner to be a curious reader.

To increase your curiosity, I’m gonna share a curious post with you tomorrow which is based on Time Travel. I hope you like it. Please support the blog and love this post. Follow the gondwanland. My best wishes to you. 🤗❤

Stay tuned for more updates.

©2021, The Gondwanaland. All Rights Reserved.


  1. No, Loku, wrong tone of voice. people read posts because they find them interesting, informative and sometimes, inspiring. Not to make me (or others), a better person, this is all wrong.


      1. Well… I don’t see the need for any improvement thus far,but if there’s a “but” on your side then my suggestion will be to visit few other blogs see where you must improve

    1. Thank you Soumya, you find it informative. It’ll help you if you want to learn new skills from other blogs.

      I have added a point that we should connect with the creator of the blog directly and help him/her in different ways whatever we can.🤗😇

    1. If your content is worthy and you are making it available for people to read than they’ll read.
      Readers have different needs. Sometimes I feel happy to read a post and enjoy it a lot, on the other hand, there is content that helps me to enrich my skills and abilities, slowly( it takes time).

      It depends on:
      1. the content you presenting
      2. The way you present it.

    1. Your single word is great appreciation for me Kally. I’m really very happy because I worked hard to produce the best post.

      This post inspires me to write more valuable and truthful content is the future. I want to help my followers and readers because reading too many posts daily is an art.

      Thank you so much.😂😂

    1. Is it useful? Be curious to learn Kashvee. Many blogs seems uninteresting on WordPress or sometimes the post is very long, that’s why I have written this post.

      So, readers and writers better understand each other. Improve cooperation and healthy learning.

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