Be the light

It feels like,
I’m closed inside a room.
Every door, every window is closed,
No idea, how to come out.

Often, it happens to me,
When I feel,
My heartbeat rate is decreasing,
My nose is blocked.

I’m losing hope.
I want to live,
I want to laugh,
I want to breathe the fresh air
in the open space.

Busy city life,
Increased fear inside me.
I find myself alone,
Even if I cry,
No one will hear me,
Allow me, to share my thoughts.

It is just that I never give up,
It is just that I love my work.
It is just that I have more reasons to laugh, to smile,
I feel a stronger version of myself.

When I try to clear out my thoughts,
Calming my heart and body.
Eager to know the voice of love,
The fear disappears,
My eyes are no more blurry.

β€œ I want to live my life,
I want to enjoy my life,
I am happy, I am strong,
I am happy, I’m wise,”
I shouted.

A ray enters the room,
On my hands,
I feel it.
My hands are shining,
I feel the life inside me,
remembering the fact sun is the reason for life on the earth.

I got amazed when I saw it,
the key was in my hands,
since the beginning,
It was me
unable to realise
how to open the door
because of my fear of death.

Now, I pray to the sun,
Every morning, every evening.
With my knowledge and wisdom,
I feel I’m the light,
I’ll never stop shining.

β€œ Be the light,” encourages an individual to leave his worries, sorrows and fear. It encourages her/him to learn from the sun how to light like a star? I want to just remember you that a star always shines.

If there is dark, there is a light,
If there is a light, dark is always there. Are you seeking light? Are you want to be the light? Don’t you think, you can give a little more light than an LED bulb hanging attached on the roof, above your head?


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    1. It easy to bear pain, sorrow and sadness but I think we should deal with it in a right manner.

      Be the light means be the person which inspire others. People becomes happy when they meet you. I am learning this concept.

  1. I simply love the way you started the poem with sadness and then transformed into such gleaming hope and joy. Great poem. Enjoyed reading it early in the morning.

    1. Although, the poem can be shorter. I think people don’t like little longer poem.
      The beginning is truth of my life. I feel closed in a room sometimes. And it is hard to solve such a situation. I wish when it happens with me in the future, I’ll get β€œ the key ” easily. Which comes with hope, brevity and self-confidence.
      Thank you so much for reading Trishikh. Have a great day.βœοΈπŸ’πŸ’πŸ‘

      1. Dead Lokesh, your writing should primarily not be about what people like, it should be about what you like. So the length is perfect if you think it’s adequate to convey your thoughts. I think the length is perfect. An interesting poetry can go for pages. It can be a story even. If you see my writing – I try to rhyme my paragraphs, like a long poetry, though it is a story. It is one of my styles. I am not successful all the time, but most of the times the result has been very satisfactory to me. Do your own thing, you will ultimately find people who relate to it.

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