10 reasons why you should define your mind and thinking?

  1. We don’t know how to use our mind–
    • In a productive and
    • An innovative way
  2. An entrepreneur needs inspiration
  3. Living a happy life
  4. Set limits to get the unlimited
  5. Developing an independent approach in society(learners, entrepreneur and woman)
  6. Defining your way of life
  7. I want to know myself
  8. Redefining what you have learnt earlier
  9. To ask for my rights when someone violates them
  10. My role in an intellectual group

1. We don’t know how to use our mind

Increase your productivity

Of course, we know how to use our mind because we are using it from the day we born. With education and guidance from our elders, we have developed our mind to perform various tasks and activities. But, do you feel, you should have a better mind? Or your IQ should be like that of Einstein?

  • In a productive way: When we stop using our mind in solving problems and diff difficulties, we lose our thinking ability. It reduces your productivity. You cut off the bridge between your mind and productiveness. So, what are some tips to increase your productivity? How to increase your productivity? You can increase your productivity when you unbox your mind.
  • In an innovative way: In your daily life, in the office and also on your blog, you feel the need for innovation. Because that is how the theory of evolution works. We can go for practical solutions and easy to do’ tasks to make something new. You can be an innovative person when you unbox your mind.

2. An entrepreneur needs inspiration:

Inspiration to achieve your dreams

Now, people around the world, especially in developing countries like India, changing their way of business. They are breaking their mindset.

A selling shop > An startup

A shopkeeper > An entrepreneur

Lots of startups fail. We are not informed of failure stories. An entrepreneurial approach is very close to our mind. Such a person need the right direction and motivation. Instead of a blogger, we can define ourselves as an entrepreneur. You can be an entrepreneur when you unbox your mind.

3. Living a happy life:

Be happy 😊

Yes, you have to define your mind and thinking to live a happy life. An individual should be recognised for his/her abilities and personality, yet, they are not out of a family, a community or a society. You have to accept the right beliefs. You should clear about wrong and right, true and false or real and fake.

This is a big reason to define your mind. How you will know what makes you happy? You can live a happy life when you unbox your mind.

4. Set limits to get the unlimited

Stop! Think twice before taking an action

What is the biggest mistake of our life is that we are among the people who says, “ I want to do something ”. We don’t want to be a burden on our family. We want to act. And we don’t know how to act. So, our life is full of burdens, failures, anxiety and depression. Everyone is a great philosopher nowadays, they have worlds best advice. Such people decreases your efficiency.

This is the reason I want to define my mind. Be the first to start something different. Do it right the first time yourself. What are your limits? What you have to not to do? You have to set limits when you unbox your mind.

5. Developing an independent approach in society— learners, entrepreneurs and woman

Capable of speaking his/her ideas without hesitation and fear

You have to define your mind and thinking to develop an independent approach. Yes, you should know – why you are studying? Why you are working hard? Why you are travelling? Why you are supporting? You should know Why you are living on this earth, for whom and why? It’s okay everyone don’t want to be a social worker, a doctor, a engineer etc. But everyone wants to be something or someone. I respect your will and congratulations from me.

You are studying to provide yourself education and learning. Our learnings is the real money which no one can snatch from us.

You should have an independent approach. Listen to others, learn from them, pay them respect and help them if they ask you but you should have an independent approach to represent yourself. You can develop an independent, approach when you unbox your mind.

6. Defining your way of life

My way of living life

You have to define your mind and thinking to define your way of life. In the long journey of life, full of ups and downs, courage and misery, happiness and sadness, you have to know how to move forward. Don’t stop keep goon on.

Here, I can’t help you to develop your way of life, I can share my stories and experiences. You have to choose your own path. Do you want to live long? Do you want to live a meaningful life? Do you appreciate yourself? How do you solve the problems, struggle with the issues? Can you keep yourself alive in all negative circumstances? You develop your way of life when you inbox your mind.

7. I want to know myself


This question is very close to spirituality but here I’m talking about understand yourself enough so that you know what you like- dislike? who is your favourite? What do you want to do? What you don’t want to do?

I have felt that many times a person doesn’t know what he or she wants to do If they will get satisfied by doing that? For example, your bad habits are a big hurdle in your life. It is not easy to stop them. But when you feel that you have to work on them otherwise, they’ll ruin your life. Here, you know yourself and what is good and bad for you. You know yourself better when you unbox your mind.

8. Redefining what you have learnt earlier

I have to redefine to make it relevant according to the time.

Life is a continuous process. With the time beliefs and behaviour around us changes, it also affects our life. For example, what we are discussing today, maybe not of much use in the future. There is a need to refine what we have learned in the past.

What are those things you want to redefine? How society gets benefitted from it? Can you recognise false beliefs and traditions? Personally, I feel the need to open ourselves to others. Share the joy. We can make a better world. You have to redefine what you have learned in the past when you unbox your mind.

9. To ask for my rights when someone violates them


I am not saying to start of movement or revolution, we do not need that. We should know and understand our rights. We should aware of it.

Do you fear a policeman having a gun when you pass by him? He is there for your safety and security. We can make a better and happy society when we know our rights and limits. You are not allowed to violate someone’s right. Better we can share the joy and love among ourselves. I can ask for my rights when I unbox my mind.

10. My role in an intellectual group

Healthy one on one conversation

Do you have any thoughts or ideas? Do you want to share them with others?

While participating in a competition or a program we talk with each other. Right now, you are reading ‘ 10 reasons why you should define your mind and thinking ‘, you are part of an intellectual group. We discuss our thoughts in the comment section. We should recognise our role in an intellectual group to express our view and provide healthy environment for exchange of thoughts and ideas. You can better represent yourself when you unbox your mind.

Hello guys, I hope you liked the post. This post is the 2nd part of my previous post — How to unbox your mind ? Do check it here.

Like my work, comment on your views, share the joy and follow the godwanaland.

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  1. Again, your presentation is excellent. While the concept of your post is good, the text needs a little bit of tidying up. It would improve the overall effect if you were offering strictly general rules without lapsing into the assumption that your readers don’t know them. It would remove the impression of the soapbox. But I like your genuine effort to make a difference.
    Thank you.


    1. Thank you Joanna for your valuable time. Despite some mistakes, I have written it. Because I am learning the way of presentation. It takes time to write a wonderful post.
      There are some points where you find me strict or lapsing. I want to tell the people to recognise that specific point. But I need to understand it better.
      I can say I’m behaving like a media person and I have to be a good storyteller. I am working on ‘fact based’ and ‘easy to understand’ presentation.

    1. I use Spark Post by Adobe for preparing images because it helps you to prepare beautiful and professional images of any shape & size in ann easy way.

      In the above pictures-

      1. One picture is common which I have used as a background.
      2. I have used some readymade icons to express a specific topic.

      In the future, I want to make drawings for my stories because I can express myself better through them. Thank you.🙂

      1. Really nice. I’ve seen a number of bloggers using such images. Keep it up 🙂

      2. I am open and I’m looking for better presentation tools. However, the main tool is the way you share your thoughts. You are already master of it and I’m developing mine.

        What I have learned from you which is more important these icons and graphics?
        1. Simplicity, clear
        2. Direct communication with the receiver.

      3. It’s really nice of you to learn anything from any source. I like your attitude. Nobody is perfect, or rather everybody is perfect in own ways. Thank you!!

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