Beauty through beautiful eyes

To observe the beauty,
you need beautiful eyes.

To observe the joy,
you have to be joyful.

Beauty of nature
is the beauty of the universe.
The beauty of a flower can be
written in beautiful verse.

The beauty of a woman

is misunderstood many times.

The beauty of one’s feelings
is the beauty of her heart.

Beauty through eyes has
shape & size, colour and angle.
Beauty through eyes has
a role and behaviour.

The beauty of art
is the artist’s creation.
The beauty of art
has a meaning and a purpose.

If you have beautiful eyes
you can see the beauty twice.
Do you have a beautiful heart
to add free beauty to your cart?

Today I learnt… “stop dreaming and try as much hard as you can”.

When people criticize you, take it as a criticism, they have shown you the reason why you are going to fail. On the other hand, some people praise you for your good and honest work, they tell you how your work changed their life and encourages them to continuously try to achieve their dreams.
You have to listen to both feedbacks. Improve your service by working on your skills and abilities.

You do not need to be perfect sometimes, just choose a different way to do the given task.

©2021, the Gondwanaland. All rights reserved.


      1. When you say, “ I’m not talented”, it doesn’t mean you are not aware of you have something valuable. It is the way of presentation of your work, your art.
        Some people recognise themselves as supreme king among others. Such an approach break the person in negative circumstances. As a blogger, an artist and a human, we should believe that we all are equal.

        This is what I have observed and learned from successful bloggers and great personalities. Thank you.

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  1. Loku, you have described many aspects of beauty in your lovely poem. The line that most caught my eye says that the beauty of a woman is in her heart. I agree. It is good enough that it might be unfair to use that line to meet women. 🙂 I think the beauty of a man is also in his mind and heart. ❤ Best regards!

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    1. Please take your time to read. Can you read some specific posts ? and give me your feedback. What you like or dislike? Any correction?

      I will be happy if you read a few of my post honestly. Please.🙏


      1. I have some tips for you. I am telling you because it worked for me.

        1. Use 1or 2-3 pics in your posts. Use your images efficiently. Focus on your writing and organised presentation which matters a lot.
        Use more than 500 words.

        Speaking your thoughts in honest and artistic way is important.

        2. Be consistent. You can go for 3 posts a week or one post a week. Quality and communication can boost your performance. Take your time. Think of longtime performance of a single post.

        You are good at expressing your thoughts. I hope these points will help you.


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