My 7 golden rules to be more productive

Hello guys, Loku is here. It has been nearly two and a half month since I started my blog on the 17th of December  2020. I started my blog for earning and now I can see more opportunities and I realise my passion for writing.

But in these two months, I told myself “ Loku, how to move forward? I have no idea what I am writing and I need more content to continuously grow my blog ”.

And do you know friends, I’ve got the secret of how to be more productive. Let’s start…

1. Why you have started your blog?

This is a very basic question which people ask you often. And yes, you answer them every time confidently.

But you are unclear and doubtful somewhere. Please check it right now. I’ll help you.

You are realising that there are so many things happening around you. People in your niche are performing better than you. You think you can start a new topic. You want to learn more skills. Your priority is to be independent because you cannot pay the person who is offering you a paid blogging course. If you can afford it you should probably join them. Because it takes so much time to learn how to write a blog and SEO basics.

When I ask you why you have started your blog, you should check the following points :

  • I love writing my thoughts: Yes, it is good to write your thoughts. So, can you decide which part of your thought should be shared on the internet and which part not? If you repeat the same thing again and again your readers find it boring and useless. Don’t do that. Always try to serve your interesting content in an organised and good manner.
  • I want friends to talk: It is a brilliant idea, you know. Most people become formal when connecting with their readers. When you talk to your readers(don’t worry, you’ll reach the 100 soon), behave with them like a friend. Now, you are friends to talk and you are providing them with your valuable content to get the benefit.
  • I’m proud of having my website: Congratulations dear, you have your own website. I am also proud of you because something is better than nothing. Having a web is a big opportunity. Why can’t you start something useful? Learn the basics of writing, learn manners of a healthy conversation etc.  Your website is an open world and WordPress provides you with many great features, use them. What is the next point? Let’s check it out…

2. Enjoy your interest every day:

Every day when I wake up, I am like “ Morning Loku, today you are going to write a wonderful blog ”. Self-motivation is the real motivation. Laugh aloud. Write a joke. Look around yourself, your today’s blog topic is hidden somewhere. Go and catch him.

If you are a poet, you can write a poem in a single word. For suppose, your hairs. If you are writing about beauty products, you can write about the hair oil you use. If you are a traveller, you can write about what are the essential things one should carry in his/her journey.

Enjoy your hobby and interest daily try to find something interesting idea to write a blog. Our next point is how to be relevant while working on our idea?

3. Note down important facts:

Noting important facts and quotes can help you a lot.

You can use a fact as proof of what you are telling to your readers. It makes your writing more relevant and authentic. When you start writing on a relevant topic with relevant facts, people find your content more useful.

A quote is the biggest idea to present your thoughts. For example, when I write about imagination, I use the quote that Einstein said so & so on the imagination and it’s importance.

I use a quote for the intro because it has a good impact on my readers(you guys).

With facts and quotes, you can use some interesting words…

4. Play with the keywords:

Keywords are an important part of blogging culture. Your nickname is a keyword. Your blog name is a keyword. describes topic is a keyword. When you search on the google, you use a keyword or group of keywords.

  • Break a keyword.
  • Compare two keywords, for example, a deal or a relation.
  • Choose a word. Search or make an image that describes it.
  • Visit google trends, pick up a trending word write a poem or a story on it. If the word is very closed to your blog, don’t hesitate to use it as your blog category or a tag.
  • Collect some most used keywords and use them in your blog as much as possible. It should not be irrelevant.
  • Learn different names of hello, bye, thank you and welcome in different languages.

5. Your life events and stories:

The best way of writing a blog and become productive is by talking about your past days in school, your vacations at your grandmother’s house, your office trip or your connection with your dog or your cat.

Read the people who are sharing their stories for a long time to understand them. You can watch interviews on Youtube. You should develop an understanding of how you are going to share your personal stories.

For example, you can share your blogging experience in the first month of your blog. If you think, you can help other bloggers, invite them to read your experience and ideas.

6. Develop good habits:

Your good habits help you to be a consistent performer and increase your productivity. And you realise or not but your bad habits are the big hurdle in your writing, not only in the writing but also in your life.

What are some good habits of a smart person?

7. Write more engaging content:

What type of content do you read? Who gets more likes and comments while both of you (you and your competitor) are writing on the same topic? Why do people like some posts more? Why do people comment on a post more?

To be more productive and getting positive outcomes you have to focus on the quality and the way of presentation.

  • Original: Being original is itself a big benefit because you did not need to rely on secondary sources. You do not need to spend more time collecting other information. It doesn’t mean you should not use relevant information from other sources.
  • Quality: You have to continuously work on improving your quality to be better. Be a strong competitor, give others a chance to learn from you. Original quality content is the reader’s demand.
  • Invite: Invite people, welcome them to read your writing. The best way is to read other content and support it. Promote your content on social media. However, a personal blogger should focus on self-improvement because they are not writing to get searched on the Google and be a trending blog. There must be several successful stories similar to this.

The Conclusion

Reading this post is not enough, you have tried/implement these golden rules in your life. I find these golden rules very important to write my blogs and develop a better understanding of blogging and it’s the world.

Ask yourself, “ Why I have started blogging ? ”, to get answers to your most questions. You can contact me or other fellow bloggers to get help. Use facts, quotes, statements, images and relevant keywords. Develop good habits for a happy life. Boost up your writing skills and creativity with the gondwanaland.

This is Monday, prepare a weekly plan for your next blogs. Don’t wait, be wise, b prepared. And don’t limit yourself to these seven golden rules, explore your own ideas, try new experiments. If you can add more solutions to the question of how to be productive? Please share in the comment section so that more people get benefited. Good luck!

Like my work, comment on your views, share the learning and follow the gondwanaland.

© 2021, the gondwanaland. All rights reserved.


  1. Late, but still today! Let’s start with the presentation which is superb. The whole idea of your post is excellent, and the content is interesting for the right reader.
    You should change the word “immature” in the first sentence because it carries the wrong meaning here.
    I think you wanted to say that as a writer you haven’t been writing long, and you aren’t that experienced but you hold independent views, often dissented with the majority held opinions.
    Thank you.


    Liked by 1 person

  2. Loku, very well-written. You must be a well-organized and dedicated student. Most of this advice would also be good for students who want to be more productive. The graphics are very appealing! 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 All the best to you!

    Liked by 1 person

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