The 7 positive affirmations to be more stronger

1. Redefine your goals

We set high goals for ourself this results in mental fatigue and anxiety. Why it is hard to achieve our goals? Because we want more than we deserve.

Get a pen and a paper. Rewrite your resolutions for 2021. Check them. Are you pressurising yourself? Are your goals higher than they should be? Take your time, think about it. And don’t hesitate to redefine your goals.

2. Learn in your way

I am happy to tell you that, I was called looser once because I was one of those 5 toppers from the last in the class of 42. I was uncomfortable with some subjects and their medium.

It does not mean I have to do nothing with that. I was slower on those subjects. For example maths, I worked hard to learn it. I improved my performance. Yes, the way I think of maths is indeed different from maths lovers. I passed my math exam and chosen the social sciences. My fear of maths was completely disappeared.

My maths lover friends are building their career in engineering and I am using maths in my daily life. We are using our teacher’s teaching in our own way.


3. Happiness in small things

Looking for happiness in small things is an interesting idea. You can watch a movie on your smartphone instead of a cinema hall. Make a simple drawing and attach it to the wall. Talk with your family members more patiently. You can write a haiku instead of a longer post.

Go to a park, watch different objects their. Flowers are very beautiful and their green leaves. There are some tall trees. Birds making beautiful sounds and noises.

4. Pay for the value

Pay your respect and love to the value. This value may be a person or an object. You can buy everything with your money which has labels of price on it. But you have to feel the joy and happiness which someone provides you.

I find some people funny, they make me laugh. On the other hand, my friend hates such people, he doesn’t want to see them again. Pay respect to humans.

You can not buy happiness and joy with the money but you can use your money efficiently.

Can you suggest to me how I can add more value to my content?

5. Appreciate your efforts

Do not always wait for others to appreciate your efforts. If you believe you are right, you can improve your performance then keep it up. Recheck your work, work on mistakes, search for positive points.

Increase your efforts. Try everything you can do. Get the best research before writing your post. Learn from your fellow friends who are doing well. Don’t limit yourself to a closed room. Open yourself, try different topics to get your perfect niche. You should have a wider approach and curiosity to search deeper and deeper in the ocean of your thoughts.

6. You are unique

You are unique. You are maybe a unique blogger or a unique photographer. Being unique means to try something different.

Funny side of uniqueness: You are maybe a unique stupid person. One person decided to be unique. He wears unique clothes, a combination of gents and ladies clothes every time. Your uniqueness must have some meaning.

7. Recognize your positive points

As you know, everyone is not perfect but we try to improve our work, achieve more abilities.

Yes, you are not good at something which your competitor has. You are not too dumb that you cannot start a single positive word.

Write down your five positives points ( your skills, interest, hobbies and similar things) on a paper. Take your time to understand them. Ask yourself “ How I can change my interest in a master skill?”

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  1. Great post, Loku! Love the positivity. Great post to read on a Monday morning.

    It’s good to have realistic goals but I love the quote –
    “Aim for the moon and if you miss you will still be among the stars.” – Les Brown
    Having bigger goals can push you to achieve more.

    Liked by 4 people

    1. Start your week with positivity Soni. Check any idea out of above seven ideas which works for you.
      You can draw a beautiful drawing for your next blog. I know you are already doing it. You can go for some geometrical designs.(Thanks to my maths teacher 😜).

      Liked by 1 person

  2. I believe in spreading positivity. One more thing is, pay attention to your thoughts..those thoughts which often knock your mind to affect your mindset.
    And developing a new skill or trying something new is a good idea.

    Liked by 1 person

      1. My best wishes to you Anita. You can contact me anytime. Can you please share your experiences with me, one by one ?


    1. Yes, we should redefine our goals and try to achieve the goals which are achievable. Happiness in small things is simple but great idea similar to appreciating your efforts. Be positive. Thank you for your valuable feedback friend, I would like to read your posts.🤗❤️


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