The 7 positive affirmations to be strong

Positive affirmations are the energy drinks to stay focused and motivated in busy office hours and daily life. They activate our inner strength.

The affirmations I’m sharing here, helped me in my tough times. They are focused on individual performance. Let’s start – The 7 positive affirmation to be strong.

1. I’ll redefine my goals

We set high goals for ourselves which results in continuous failures. Why do we fail to achieve our goals? Because we want more than we deserve. Recheck your goals now. Redefine your goals.

Get a pen and a piece of paper. Rewrite your resolutions for 2021. Check them. Are you pressuring yourself? Are your goals much higher? Take your time, think about it. Don’t hesitate to redefine your goals. It will save your time and energy.

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2. I learn in my way

I am happy to tell you that, I was a weak student in school and I improved later. In 6th standard, I secured 2nd last rank in the class of 42. When I left my school after 7 years, I was among the top 3 students in the class. It’s a long journey. Why I lacked in the beginning? I was uncomfortable with some subjects and their medium.

Take an example, math. To learn it you should aware of its basic concepts. But the math book was in the English language. Let me tell you, I didn’t know English at that time. (Today also, I watch interviews of celebs to learn communication.) I worked hard. Because of continuous practice, I improved my final results in math. My fear of maths was completely disappeared.

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3. I seek happiness in small things

Look happiness in small things. Design the front page of your notebook or you can watch a movie on your smartphone instead of the cinema hall. Make a simple drawing and attach it to the wall. Talk with your family members more patiently. For blogging, you can write a haiku instead of a longer post.

Look around yourself, no need to go anywhere. If you are in your early 20s like me, I recommend learning personal finance management. Make a list of the things of your expenditures. Use money efficiently. Nothing is free in this world, Pay value to every small thing you have.

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4. I pay for the value

Pay your respect and love to the value. This value may be a person or an object. You can buy everything with your money which has price labels. But you have to feel the joy and happiness which someone provides you. Family support matters more than money.

You can not buy happiness and joy with the money but you can use your money efficiently.

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Can you suggest to me, how I can improve my blogs?

5. I appreciate my efforts

When people admire you, say Thank you so much for your help, I appreciate it. But do not completely dependent every time on their response. Believe in yourself.

Improve your performance. Recheck your work again and again. Improve. Analyse your completed tasks and activity. Set up a smart – productive approach.

In writing, Get the best research before writing your post. Learn from your fellows. Try different topics to get your perfect niche. You should have a wider approach and curiosity to search deeper and deeper in the ocean of your thoughts. Appreciate your efforts.

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6. I’m unique

You are Unique: Scale New Heights by Thoughts and Actions is a book written by Missile man of India.

“To get the unique you, there is a big battle. There are four things you need to have, to win that battle. The first is to set the goal, the second is to acquire the knowledge continuously, third is work hard with devotion and fourth is perseverance. If you have these four tools then you will definitely become unique you.

Dr. A. P. J. Abdul Kalam

You are maybe a unique blogger or a unique photographer. Being unique means:

  • Be different
  • Be special
  • Stay apart from the crowd

Funny side of uniqueness: A person decided to be unique. He (PK) wears unique clothes, a combination of gents and ladies clothes every time. Your uniqueness must have some meaning.

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7. I recognise my positive points

We are not perfect. We improve our work, slowly, gain abilities. Live a positive life. Tell me 7, positive features of yours.

Competition. Yes, you may not good at everything like your competitor. But you can improve and strengthen your true potential.

Write down your five positives points (your skills, interest, hobbies etc.) on a paper. Take your time to understand. Ask yourself, “ how I can use these 7 positive affirmations to be strong? ”

Writing positive affirmations is interesting. Now, that you have realised your strength and power, it’s time to put your thoughts into actions. Apply affirmations to affirm your life. Share your experience in the comment section.

Friends, The Gondwanaland is the inspiration for many bloggers and individuals. Poetry, stories and articles can be found here. I love writing. Each post is aimed to add value to the reader. Follow me on Instagram and Pinterest.

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  1. Great post, Loku! Love the positivity. Great post to read on a Monday morning.

    It’s good to have realistic goals but I love the quote –
    “Aim for the moon and if you miss you will still be among the stars.” – Les Brown
    Having bigger goals can push you to achieve more.

    1. Your name makes me happy “Happy Pandav”. Have a good day friend. Try something new(a post, drawing, gif) and make it happen.

    1. Start your week with positivity Soni. Check any idea out of above seven ideas which works for you.
      You can draw a beautiful drawing for your next blog. I know you are already doing it. You can go for some geometrical designs.(Thanks to my maths teacher 😜).

  2. Great Post!!
    I have posted not forget to check it out!!
    Keep up the good work!!

  3. Good idea, Loku, obviously well received. My only suggestion would be to aim it more for intelligent grown-ups, rather than children.
    Thank you.

  4. I believe in spreading positivity. One more thing is, pay attention to your thoughts..those thoughts which often knock your mind to affect your mindset.
    And developing a new skill or trying something new is a good idea.

      1. My best wishes to you Anita. You can contact me anytime. Can you please share your experiences with me, one by one ?

    1. Yes, we should redefine our goals and try to achieve the goals which are achievable. Happiness in small things is simple but great idea similar to appreciating your efforts. Be positive. Thank you for your valuable feedback friend, I would like to read your posts.🤗❤️

  5. Appreciating my efforts is something that I’m learning to and it’s a very important value. We often over look the small steps and without them there wouldn’t be any big step.

    1. Happy to know that. Same here.

      You know, this blog is showing in top 20 to 50 results on Google. And if you search the headline it’ll be in top 10.

      There is a technical issue: Error 404. I’m trying to solve it. But it is hard.

      My blog post has two version, 1) Simple and 2) amp. Google has blocked some pages. They have blocked this post also.

      1. Are you serious?!
        Wait let me check. I’ll let you know if I’m able to see something.
        But why will Google block it?
        Initially I was so happy to hear that you’ve made it in the top!

      2. This post was first published on 15th Feburary. I few days ago I made some improvements and changes. I have done mistake to modify permalink ( permanent link) of this post.

        Every post has a permalink. If you modify, it’ll lose it’s unique recognition. You should be careful.

      3. True that! My last year post “Utter need to tackle troll” too was blocked. It usually happens when someone with huge reach(In millions) uses your tagline. Google algorithm usually favors those with bulk of visitors on their website. But, it gets to sort out mostly.
        They just look for the origin.

      4. Solutions are available. It takes year’s to establish our web. WordPress subdomain has several limitations. That’s cool for beginners.

        I have tried many times to correct the post’s URL but it didn’t work. Three days ago it was running online. I’m learning more about it.

      5. Hello Jintu,

        I’m happy to tell you that I’ve solved the problem. Now, you can read this blog post, online. It’s a little common sense trick.

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