Let’s imagine


Let’s imagine yourself
in a new Avatar.
Breaking your thinking limits,
you can be a shining star.
Every morning awakes me,
my face glows in the sunlight.
Let’s imagine yourself
as you are the sun of sunlight.

Morals and values

Let’s imagine the hope
in this pandemic.

Let’s imagine the light
in the dark.

Let’s give a new meaning
to your freedom.
Let’s imagine…
new possibilities.

Let’s imagine thyself,
Let’s recognise your inner self.
Let’s imagine the zero
and realise your existence.

Let’s enjoy your life,
Let’s get some courage in your heart.
Let’s control your imagination,
setup it’s disciplined behavior.

How to imagine ?

Let us concentrate your energy on a single point

and use the power of imagination.

Let us analyse your imagination,

Let us summarise your imagination.

Let us imagine

and boost up your creativity.

Let us use your mind

and develop critical thinking.

Let us naturalise your imagination,

Let us beautify your imagination.

Let us setup a design of your imagination,

Let us ‘imagine your world’.

Let us question your imagination,

add morals and values to your imagination.

Let us develop critical creative thinking

and sow seeds of imagination

in your minds fertile land.

Purpose and Goals

Let us imagine solutions for poverty,
Let us imagine your asylum.
Let us be human
and show your humanity.

Pure imagination gives better results,
And a true imagination has a great meaning.
Let’s believe your imagination,
Let’s imagine the God.

My imagination

My imagination teaches me —
“ Don’t rush,
don’t be depressed.
Don’t stop,
don’t give up. ”

“ Don’t dream to achieve everything,
don’t forget ‘who you are’.
Don’t feel miserable,
be open, stretch your arms. ”

For me, imagination is the biggest learning space and tool.
Imagination is my life
and my life is for imagination.


Let’s imagine,
be creative.
Develop critical thinking
and develop your vision
to get the true knowledge.

Imagination is an art,
based on science and experiments.
Imagination breaks your thinking limits,
Imagination give birth to a new art and a new artist.

Let’s imagine !

Let’s imagine is an answer to an individual when he or she thinks why I should imagine ? Can I believe my imagination and go further with it ? I have also add my reasons to accept imagination so, you can compare and check your reason of an imagination.

Questions are never ending. I’m continuously trying to recognise my way of journey. You can check yours. Maybe my journey can reflects your desires and dreams.


It takes just one second to like the post but it incourages me to work more and more on my writing, to serve you better and joyful content.

©2021, the gondwanaland. All rights reserved.


    1. Hello readers, now “ the Gondwanaland ” is certified by “ Bantar Republic ”. Our King of Comedy 😀enjoyed the post. Thank you dear 🤗.

  1. It doesn’t take much imagination to see that this” Ode to Imagination” is very good, but a tad too

    By the way, Loku. the other post is not there!
    Thank you.


    1. Thank you gabychops for your valuable feedback. A descriptive post could be a better replacement of this poem – with the same topic – Let’s imagine.

      Sorry, I can’t understand what do you mean by ‘ the other post is not there ‘.

      1. Should I go for different parts of imagination, different types of imagination and it’s connection with mind.

        Share some real life stories. What others think of imagination .

  2. Well deserved tribute to the mother of it all: imagination. We all rely so much on it. Thanks for sharing this Loku. I enjoyed it. You’ve stretched your own imagination far and wide in all directions to put this one down. :))

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