Lack of Communication

Every movie has an interval,

at that time I was in the hostel.

In the hostel,

I was calling my parents…
poor network…no connection.

My heartbeat increases,

and my fear too ;

from tomorrow, my vacations are going to start, if my parents are not informed then who will take me to my home?

A student is poor in studies,

not because his mind does not work,
it is because of the lack of

The student has beautiful dreams,

hidden in his heart,
no one asks about his/her dreams,
friends, parents and teachers – no one cares.

Half of the joke world

is full of husband-wife relations.
Our expectations are more,
our income cannot satisfy us.

The two life partners,

divide their child in two.

The children who were poor in studies, maybe also because his/her parents are not aware of their child’s education.

Employee and boss,

cannot walk both together with the same speed.

Those frustrated-depressed employees,

who is someone’s husband or wife,

cannot free themselves from family issues in the office.

You have a night shift,

your husband & your child,
waiting for your birthday celebration.

No, taxi to reach the home,

you are in a hurry…

But cannot ask your colleague to take you to your house in her car.

Remember, you have the mind which thinks,

the tongue which speaks.
Speak your words,
no hesitation, no fear.

We are humans. Man is a social animal, one can not live without the other.


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  1. Dear Loku, I have a huge assignment for the next week – I have to read 8 volumes and a biography of Swami Vivekananda. This is why I have been a little bit neglectful. Your last post needs quite a few things corrected. It has to wait because I have to do a good job on Swami.

    PS THIS is very good in principle and has a very inspiring ending. Excellent presentation.
    Thank you.

    Liked by 4 people

    1. I have corrected the errors.

      Go for your reading, it is interesting. Reading is an adventurous journey full of ups and downs…and continuously running process. Take care🤗.

      Liked by 2 people

  2. I am a teacher and I work at asking my students what their goals are so I can work with them. So many ideas here that might not apply to me. But I do know they apply to many. And am happy to read this and see them articulated here. I like the confusion of one thought piling up before the earlier one is fully delved into. It creates an atmosphere as well as a backdrop that suits. I think I would like to see you explore each idea in this poem in detail on its own.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Now, I believe my writing has a purpose. I would like to write about and for student life, their challenges. Thank you so much Anita. i appreciate your valuable feedback. 🙏


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