Imagination to reality

Hello guys, how are you?

Today we are going to learn a very important lesson of imagination. Today, we will do a little experiment with our imagination. It is easy, I hope you will enjoy it.

I have named it Imagination to Reality experiment.

What you’ll learn?

  • How to imagine any object? Yes, you will learn, how to imagine any object.
  • Clarity: You will learn, how to clearly imagine any object which comes in your mind.
  • A real object: So, you can make it real in your life, just now.
  • Creativity: Creativity is enhanced by imagination. You can boost up your creativity by this experiment. You can be a better painter. You can make beautiful sketches. You can make different rangoli designs without any rangoli book.
  • Words to image: Now, you can make an image in your mind, on canvas/paper through a word.
  • Featured image: You can learn and work on the featured image of your blog.
  • Fun with Imagination: You can enjoy imagining different objects and enjoy them.
  • Beneficial for children: Imagination is useful for children, it plays an important role in the development of a child’s creativity. A child can make a beautiful picture of his drawing book through Imagination.
  • Calligraphy: When you imagine a word in your mind, you can make different beautiful text designs. You can be a little Calligrapher.
  • Motivate others to imagine: All of us have a different way of thinking and imagination. Our outcome of imagination based on our way of imagination. Motivate others to imagine, to be creative.

There are many more benefits to Imagination to reality, let’s start it…

Step 1 : Imagine a word

Close your eyes, stay cool and relaxed, imagine a word. It can be anything a car, a rose, a beautiful dress, a building, your pet, a glass, a chair or a teacup etc.

I am also imagining with you, I imagine Burj Khalifa. Of course, like everyone, it’s beautiful and modern architecture makes me fall in love with it. Its blue colour inspires me.

My word: Burj Khalifa.

Step 1 : Imagine a word

Step 2: Imagine a picture of that Word

Now, you have a word in your mind, picturize your word. How does it look like? It’s shape and size?

You can use your pencil and a paper and draw a sketch or a picture of your word. Be aware I am talking about picturing a single object. You have to imagine a picture of your one word.

A word > An image

Below is the picture of Burj Khalifa. You can see it. Although it has a background, you have to imagine and draw picture of a single object.

Step 2: Picturize your word

Step 3: Make a 3d diagram of your picture

Now you have to imagine your word in 3d shape, that is, it should have three dimensions.

First, I imagined the word Burj Khalifa then I made a sketch or a picture of Burj Khalifa. Next step is I imagined a 3d Burj Khalifa.

You can draw a 3d picture of your word, you can also make a modal of your picture by the paper.

A word > An image > 3d image/modal

Below is the 3d picture of the Burj Khalifa. I especially like this step because imagining any object in 3d form is very interesting.

You can make beautiful 3d featured images for your blog, but I have to write another post for that.

Step 3: Make a 3d picture or a modal

Step 4: The real object

So, now, you can make your imagination a reality.

You have to act for it. You have to make it happen in the reality.

A word> An image > 3d image/ modal > Real object

Below is the real photo of Burj Khalifa. I can not present a real Burj Khalifa here because you have to visit Dubai for that.

Step 4 : The real object

Points to remember

  • Imagine a single object.
  • Imagine the name of an object which you have seen earlier. Because it is easy for you to work on it.
  • Do not try to be perfect while drawing the image because it is not easy. If you are already a master of the art, cheers!
  • Pick up a good word which seems interesting.
  • Learn the process of imagination.

Better imagination gives a better product. Increase your power of Imagination, enjoy the process.

We cannot make every Imagination a reality

Yes, it is true. I love imagination but I set some limits to my Imagination. Otherwise, there is no difference between a psycho and a brilliant mind.

Healthy Imagination is the right word. A uncontrollable imagination is harmful to that person and the society but a healthy imagination has a meaning and use.

We have to accept it – we cannot make every imagination a reality.

Above experiment can enhance your creativity and intelligence. With the age, our imagination power decreases, that’s why children have a very good imagination. A child-like imagination is a great potential.

The images I have used are not made by me because I am not good at drawing. Maybe I can improve my drawing a little better. I have not used my drawing because it is really horrible.

Also, I have told you to imagine a familiar object. We will go for complexities in the future.

Use of Imagination is that you can improve your creativity and your intelligence through it. Toys are made as per thinking process and demand of a child. All cartoon programmes and animated films are the results of Imagination.

Enjoy the imagination, activate your mind and break your thinking limits. Good luck 👍.

Like my work, comment on your views, share the joy and follow the gondwanaland to learn your way of imagination, improve your creativity and enjoy 😃.

© 2021, the Gondwanaland. All rights reserved.


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