Mother knows better

There is a situation,

how to handle this?
googling for the solution…
I can’t get the answer,
I am not satisfied.

Because when your heart breaks

or you are depressed,
Google is not going to help you.

We have no time

to read the blogs every time,

sometimes we want direct solutions, not strategies.

I can not handle the smartphone anymore,
for the sack of friendship.
I am ok with my own.

I use google for information

and my mother always here…
to support me.
Mother knows better.

There are so many ideas to write, and I was unable to choose any topic.

There are so many things we don’t know. This realisation helps to focus on achievable targets instead of daydreaming.

Sometimes, I get so excited that I can’t write on that topic, although ‘ I do not doubt that the topic was the world’s best topic’. Don’t think too much Loku.

“Mother knows better” is truth rather than the topic of my today’s poem. There is nothing special today, just read the poem and enjoy. Good luck!

🙂Smile if you cannot laugh,

Smile so you can laugh😆.

©2021, the Gondwanaland. All rights reserved.


  1. Yes to all you wrote :) It used to be mom knows better when I was a young adult. Then I made my own life and the world started to move at a pace she couldn’t comprehend. And her guidance didn’t always work. Still, the values that she taught me gave me roots that held me and kept me grounded. And taught me to establish myself even when she didn’t quite get my struggles and her solutions would have been the opposite of my solutions. I wrote 2 poems that taken together, reflect what mothers give their children, as well as the constraints that make adults, particularly daughters, want to leave the safety of their mom’s advice – This Gift and Don’t. I invite you to read them. Nice writing on an important topic!

    1. Thank you again for your valuable feedback. “ Mother knows better” is applies to most of the people. I disagree with my mother on several issues. But her presence has a great importance. She is continuously working hard to pay for me and my brothers education and future.

      My mother is similar to every Indian mummi. The present point of time is very important, I want to takeover my family responsibilities. I’m continuously learning and sharing my thoughts with my friends.

  2. Just keep on writing on the topic you have decided, and don’t worry about the outcome. Not all your writing will be the best, and not all will be the worst, but each and everyone of them will be close to your heart and someone, somewhere, someday will relate to it, and while reading it will make a simple smile.

      1. Thank you, the fact that you took time and felt her pain that’s a great support cause not many are able to understand. You can help her by sharing the link.

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