Love and life

As you are reading this blog means you are feeling love for your beloved one or may be you want to read blogs on love and life.

Hello guys, I am Lokesh from a small town named ‘Dahi’ from India. I am writing about love because I want to explore the word, I want to secret of love.

I have read a blog which says, if you want to being loved, you should first love yourself.

What is love ?

Love is an emotion. In psychological perspective, love is happy feeling and an emotion of a person in which he or she feel…feel so happy that their life became joyful to them. And such a people, see others in their own perspective rather than a reality.

My mother loves me so much, she prepared food for me daily, never ask to pay. I smile at her when she serve me tasty food. Then, in the evening I fetch water for her, I buy vegetables in the market, she does not know much about technology, I help her to complete her office work online.

Why we limit our love to a few people ?

There are millions and billions of hearts in this world. They are living their own life, interacting with other’s feelings and emotions. But, why should they hate each other ? This is a great topic for a PhD scholar or a research company.

However, we are not going there.

Sometimes, I just curious about a person who loves his son and daughter but also hates his neighbour. We love someone and we hate someone. Why should we do that ? Why we say “ I can’t understand what you are saying”, to a family member but on the other moment we laugh on a nonsense joke watching TV ?

Every heart has a right to love someone, but we have certain limitations in the form of responsibilities. Your responsibilities are actually a big freedom to you. Otherwise, we will moving from one person to another person, still you say, “ My life is ruined. I don’t want to live anymore.”

Do not hate anyone, open your heart for everyone…and you will feel that how much they adore you. If you accept it. This blog makes some sense, more meaningful.

So, how you can open your heart for other millions of hearts ? Follow me….

  • Set an open mindset. Having an open mindset helps you a lot. So, you can not do everything by planning, there may be something will happen suddenly.
  • Love yourself, Oh common ! Don’t bother about what other’s think about you. Love yourself, if you love yourself then it is for other people to love you. You can love them also.
  • Mutual understanding, as a humans we have certain connections with each other. To understand mutual understanding, I have a cute story for you. The story is about a woman went in a garden, sitting on the bench. On the other side of the bench a little child was ther. He shared his ice cream to the woman. When the woman came back to her daughter that “ Today, I have met god, he is a child ”. The child also said same words to her mother. “ I met god today, she is just like you. She ate ice cream with me ”.
  • Explore : Read books and learn languages. This is the best idea. Go through some fictional or non-fictional books. You can learn new languages on various online platforms. I prefer Duolingo.
  • Simplicity : Be simple. Search for meaning. Make good friends. Help others whatever you can do. Do not hate the people.

Love and life should not separated from each other

Don’t leave your poor family because have been offered a high paid job in the city.

Love and life can’t be separated with eachother. Don’t look for ideas for how to impress someone. I don’t know how much it helps you but It’ll will a good chance to others to play with your emotions.

Live a lovely life in a way that makes others life lovely, add certain values in others life and they can learn how to support each other.

Role of the Gondwanaland : love, life, meaning and hope

Guys, I need your help here, if you are reading this either on wordpress reader or on the Gondwanaland web.

I have started the Gondwanaland for a specific purpose that is….

  1. An open platform where anyone can come and enjoy.
  2. Learn stories and get motivated.
  3. Be a strong person through learning imagination.
  4. Get meaningful and worthy content about the Gondwanaland.
  5. Learn to dream… dreams that comes true.
  6. Imaginary a world where you can do anything.
  7. It is also true that I want to become self-dependent because I need money and resources to continue my studies, my mother alone cannot help me. But my priority is your support. I will do nothing without your permission.

Help me whatever you can. Support me on the Gondwanaland. I especially prefer making new friends. You are welcome.

You can email me at anytime

Yo can call me from 4 pm to 6pm on my mob. no. 9977239452.

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  1. Well said! If we sow love we will definitely harvest love. And those haters maybe the don’t experience love from those around them. Glad you are well raised by a loving family. Love indeed, is the reason for living, without it everything would be a mess. Thank you for sharing this wonderful posr.

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