Sun light and life on the earth

Sunlight is the energy which starts life on the earth. We humans, animals, birds, plant and trees…wake up when sun shines in the sky in east.

Life on the earth

Our earth is an interesting planet just like a shoping mall. However, it is different from shoping mall in the way it never take you charge of its services. We breath fresh air, cultivate crops on the land, setup industries and establish educational institutions.

We get air, water and food,

we never spent a single penny.

I drink hot tea, sitting on the wood,

and I love honey.

The bird flies…

Civilization first takes place near the water and rivers. It is an interesting journey from being monkey to becoming a human being.

A child imagine a beautiful picture of sun rising behind the huge blue mountains, the birds are flying in the sky in a beautiful pattern, stars are just about to leave.

Birds are very beautiful and parrots and pigeons are our pets. Every bird has a different colour, different features and special voices. I love to observe them. Dr. Salim Ali was a great bird watcher from India. There is always a camera hanging on his neck.

I am going to school : Social life

Our day is full of daily life activities, adventures and fun. Every morning is new, and every time you visit your grandmother’s house she looks more happy. You are just got tired sometimes looking for four Sunday’s in a week.

Children’s with pink chicks and beautiful dark eyes get ready in hurry… their mom shouts at them and gives a huge tiffin box full of tasty food and some chocolates.

Life of the earth starts at school. They (students) wear similar dresses, look excited. They welcoming every one with “ hello”, “hi” and “good morning”.

The cycle of daily life

Starting a day with drinking warm water is a great idea. It activate your body and mind. Our daily life is very simple we wake up excitedly… feeling relaxed… get ready… read newspaper and status of our phone…eat breakfast.

However, we work hard in our office with smartness…and THE BOSS is his own boss. The afternoon is the time of little break for the lunch. Here, the sunlight is no more peacefully.

In the evening whole world got tired and we relax for some time. Playing cricket is very common in every country and every locality.

Dinner on the big family table is most enjoyable and entertaining part of the day.

Be happy, enjoy the day

This is the golden rule of life. Our day starts with the sun and sunlight to the evening sunlight…

saying goodbye

I’ll meet you in the next morning :

Bye- bye , good bye lovely friends,

see you soon.

Until, check the Google trends,

see the moon.

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