My friendship with Rusty

Ruskin bond

Ruskin Bond, also known as ‘Rusty’ which is his nickname, is my favourite English writer. He is an Anglo-Indian citizen of India. He is very popular with children, as he has written many lovely stories and books for them. So, Rusty is a children’s writer.

I adore Ruskin Bond because of his stories. His work is a part of our school syllabus. He has also honoured Padma Shri and Padma Bhushan awards which are India’s biggest awards given to her citizens.

I have read ‘Adventures of Rusty’, ‘The Tiger’, ‘The snake and the mongoose’ etc. In ‘Adventures of Rusty’, Mr Bond shares his own life in a boarding school. He did not like that school. He wants to join his uncle who was the ship captain on the ship. His uncle used to send him letters from across the world. After all rusty manages to escape from the school with one of his Punjabi friends. They both face severe challenges, in the end, they miss the ship. They feel very disappointed at that time. And Rusty tells his friend that he will try next time.

Ruskin Bond is now 86 years old. He is living in a beautiful hill station Mussoorie.

I want to meet him once in my whole life and “ I’m gonna tell him, how much I love his stories and himself ”.

So, I feel a certain connection with him. Those school days are the important memories of my life. I feel the human and the humanity inside me. My soul prays the god for the welfare of every living being.

Let us see how our friendship with Rusty goes on in the future.

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  1. His words are there to stay. It’s always refreshing to read his short stories and books. And the way he builds narratives around glimpses of hill stations is so beautiful.

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